1. We find it better to have vocal communication during the game, well because it just makes it easier for coordination. And language isn't much of problem as long as you are able to at least tell us where you are on the map, plus english isn't the first language of some of the teammates as well including myself. Also je parle petit a la francaise, so it should be good. But it's still up to you whether you would like to participate in vocal communication, even though we encourage you to do so.
  2. I know that....I can also kick someone from the server btw. And I trust that the right person will click the link.
  3. I don't know what is the network thing is ? If its forums account related then its because i just made this account to reply to the comments of this forum. However its up to you whether you want to join or not.
  4. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    It's actually a hypixel server thing.
  5. aren't you under 15?
  6. Nah , watch your discord msgs
  7. shhh he is over 18 and pretending to be young
    btw im 12
  8. Fuck she discovered my secret
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  9. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    well as we help each other in the league all of the league is better than most random players as they are normally clueless
  10. LoL x] Ya know that all Leaderboard players are in Zombies League ? Lmao
  11. Well, Saqar has skill only xd
  12. Well yeah , i'm a god but not only in skills , i also help mees to make those speedrun strats and i know a lot of things :L
  13. No_you

    No_you New Member

  14. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    no us communism
  15. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
  16. Strats skills

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