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Poll closed Jan 13, 2014.
  1. A - WinnieAnimations

    128 vote(s)
  2. B - FreakSqueakTV

    21 vote(s)
  3. C - mrkingmarc01

    158 vote(s)
  4. D - RubenDelight

    86 vote(s)
  5. E - jeffak1

    132 vote(s)
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  1. RubenDelight

    RubenDelight Member

    MegaBruno98 it said so in the rules that it could also be an animation as long as it's theme was Hypixel.
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  2. bajanbrit deleted all of the videos he posted last week :c
  3. RubenDelight That is very unfair! People who have Cinema 4D are with advantage to people that record every and every day to find a fun moment on the server. You just did an animation, that is very good, but it is unfair to people that spent all of their days (like me) to find a good moment on the server.
  4. GraverDesigns

    GraverDesigns New Member

    MegaBruno98 Stop acting like that.. You sound like a young jelly kid.. Read the rules then complain again! Animating is hard and takes a lot of time, Animations like RubenDelight and WinnieAnimations take around 10-20 Hours or even more to make including the idea it self, Story board, Animating, Lighting..

    Making a epic video of the servers doesn't mean recording all day waiting till something randoms happens. Don't wait for the good things to come to you, But create them yourself like this top 5 did! Amazing idea's!
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  5. Oh, so you are saying that this contest was just to promote hypixel? I thought that was to choose the funniest moment, not to promote it. But in that case, animations have a clealy advantage, so it is unfair to people that spent their days on the server.

  6. So it's not unfair for the people who spent their days in cinema4d?
    There's no logic
  7. Ideas? What ideas? The video A do not have ideas, it is just the animation itself that is good, and 10-20 hours is not comparable to 2 weeks, that I spent on the server to find a fun moment.
  8. Grunch

    Grunch Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
    Yes i know :)
  9. MidnightDawn

    MidnightDawn Well-Known Member

    GG, I hope to at least've gotten top twenty D:.
  10. Hexofin

    Hexofin Well-Known Member

    Hypixel could you post the runner ups? You said that there were about 20 or so I am curious as too which ones they were.
  11. GraverDesigns

    GraverDesigns New Member

    No ideas? Well now you made me laugh hard! hahaha.. How is that not a idea?? If it wasnt a cool idea then why no one else made it? Ideas are made out of creativity probaply no one else tought about a scené like this..

    You sir have indeed no fresh ideas. You are just spending 2 weeks recording and let it happen. THAT is idealess.

    Get your facts right Sir Jelofish.
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  12. I have a profound respect for animators, so RubenDelight (video D) would get my second vote if I had one. It didn't HAVE to be gameplay.

    I don't like mrkingmarc01's (video C) because it looks staged. I could be wrong.
    Edit: And it didn't look THAT hard to do. Maybe a few attempts.
    Other then that, I suppose it's a good video, the editing was decent too.
  13. Yes, no ideas, it is just a guy that runs and jump to the air, and kills 2 other guys making some good moves on the air. That is typical of a movie or so.
  14. The video A does have an idea, and in fact it's happened to me quite a few times on the server. Putting the same moment into an animation is creative and more fun for viewers (since they can see the effort if they appreciate it), if more time consuming.

    Hypixel doesn't want to see people running around looking for stuff that they could record and upload. I think he wants us to take the initiative and jump in to try and CREATE something that is funny or epic. If you don't count animating as creating... :/
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  15. Again...

    "The contest is very simple, all you need to do is record, edit and upload to YouTube a short video (15 seconds maximum!) of a fun or epic clip from the server!"

    Make an animation is not record.
  16. I don't want to have to go and search for a post that also responded to this message, and you ignored it. Meh, I can't help you if you can't be bothered to read particular replies.
  17. I do not have animation skills too. And I just used Fraps and Movie Maker (yeah, Movie Maker) to make 4 videos that does not have quality of image, but they are fun, that was the point.
  18. Fatcake_

    Fatcake_ Well-Known Member

    Nuu, didnt get top 5 xD well... anywho WinnieAnimations for sure! Good luck
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  19. GraverDesigns

    GraverDesigns New Member

    Stop this and get your facts right. I hate when people post those hate comments just because you didnt win.
    You should read the rules again. I was so friendly to copy it for you.

    1. The content of the video must be 15 seconds maximum
    2. Do not put intro to the video
    3. You can have an outro
    4. Your outro length doesn't count, for example your video can be 15s with the outro.
    5. You can post a maximum of 5 videos.
    6. Make sure the video is appropriate.
    7. Make sure you embed your video when you post it.
    8. You can make it animated, as long as it's themed to the Hypixel...
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  20. RubenDelight

    RubenDelight Member


    As you seem so hell bent on saying our animations don't have ideas, i'll tell you what my concept was. I wanted to create a cool way to show how awesome quake craft is, and how you can use the mechanics of the game to create awesome trickshots. I could've recorded that in game, but since I'm not thát good at quake, I decided to use C4D to make my visions into a reality, also giving me room to go beyond what can be made in game and make an epic spectacle. If that's not enough for you that's fine, but don't complain about not getting your video chosen, it makes you look like a sore loser.
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