1. That is the link to the video ^
    I was playing a Mega Skywars game and some really odd knockback happened. Comment your opinions.

    Edit: People are calling this 'Negative knockback', so I guess that is what it is. Illuminati confirmed?
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  2. m3diaYT

    m3diaYT Well-Known Member

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    Ummmm... ok?
  3. amagi2011

    amagi2011 New Member

  4. Illuminati is living among us
  5. Hmmm... a secret slimeblock behind them!? :O
    Nah... Im thinking it's just a glitch, or they went crazy and they ended up jumping and walking backwards.
  6. It's roped arrow, it brings the target to you. ;P idk it was a leather so whats the harm
  7. Ockman

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    negative knockback, now i have seen it all
  8. I think some people don't like taking kb in the right direction.
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  9. Viikii

    Viikii Active Member

    What... that's so weird..there have been so many weird glitches in skywars lately.
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  10. This is funny lol
  11. I think the person behind who you shot also hit him, causing whichever way he got hit 2nd to be the direction he'd be launched.
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  12. Hes a ghost xD
  13. Cuayy

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    its like if you get punched and your face goes INTO the fist

    lol that's a bad example
  14. Maybe the guy on the other side of him shot him at the same time as you. Not sure though :p
  15. Hypixel knockback is completely based on luck so what mostly happend is that the other person either used a bow or a egg that did a ton of kb ( Its normal) and when you shot him it didnt do any kb. Dont question it, it happens all the time.
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  16. Thats hypixel
  17. Illuminati :confused:
  18. Yep
  19. Hypixel knockback is mixed. Sometimes I can easily hit a guy into the void, sometimes I get one tapped into the void.

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