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    This thread was massively updated @ 14:44, 3/08/14. This is the second draft as the first one was wiped which really annoyed me. xD

    Sorry if you find this post a little confusing.

    Thanks to -

    Hello, I'm here to present my ideas for the housing system coming to the vanity store soon, I spoke to a few friends about it and we really liked the idea so here it is.

    NOTE: After the huge support after posting this thread, I have completely edited the post and added tons of new ideas!

    The idea:

    Tycoons are addictive and would be great for the housing idea; starting with maybe a foundation, building walls and a door, then extra rooms ext - the house could be infinitely sized!


    Coins/currency to build rooms and misc could be achieved via some sort of collector, like in Clash of Clans for example - instead of needing to use Hypixel Credits (however Credits could still be used for secret/rare additions maybe).

    EDIT: (IMPORTANT) After much thought over the night, I came up with the idea on how to get resources (Yes I got rid of the idea with coins): each mini game on the server give a specific resources E.G. TNT Games give sand or TNT, and depending on how good you do in the game, you get more resources - as an example, in TNT Run every 5 or 10 blocks you run you get 1 sand? NOTE in order to get resources you need to say till the end! At the end of the game it will say:


    When you go to your house, in the main room there will be a chest which will show you how many resources you have. Also you can use the maid to tell you have many resources you have.

    Building the house:

    I have thought of ways on how you can build the house; you gain resources from other games like Mega Walls and TNT Games - once you finish the games your resources are sent to your 'bank' (resource bank - where you stuff is stored). One you have the required resources you can build rooms.

    When building rooms, you gain 'House Experience'. You can use the experience to level up your 'House Level'. The higher the house level, the better the rooms you get - This could also work with the Network level. For example, if you House level is 10 and your Network level is 5, you can unlock an observatory.

    Also, your house has 'Tiers'. You house starts on Tier 1. As you build rooms you will eventually run out of room space, so you will need to use resources to upgrade your house tier. The higher the tier, the more rooms you can build and maybe the higher the tier, the better the rooms you can build.

    Finally I also thought of the idea that rooms take time to build, like in games such as Clash of Clans. This is so that 1 person doesn't max out their house in 5 minutes. Also this will mean you need to spend more time on your house and it will be more rewarding when you finish builds ext.


    Donor Perks

    Donors perks will be important for this as this is Vanity, so I came up with a few ideas: donors get more resources from games depending on what their rank is (VIP gets x2 resources VIP+ x3 ext).

    Also the build time is reduced for donors which will make people want to get the rank? :p

    The house:


    Once you have built walls or carpets ext, you will see that in the doorway there is white glass. This is where you can build extra rooms, there can be hundreds of ideas such as: bathroom, cinema, observatory, shrine, portal room you get the idea. When you fill your house up you will need to upgrade it to a larger size in order to make more rooms! Also you can choose a biome at the beginning for your house to be in, this will change the style of the house inside for example the type and colour of wood or if there is sand, water, snow ext.

    Some examples:

    Winter Forest Biomes: Houses made mainly of spruce materials. Lighting: Glowstone and Redstone Lamps. Special structures: Small camp fire clearings just outside the home. Large fireplaces for the interior. Jungle Biomes: Mainly of oak and jungle wood material. Lighting: Glowstone and Torches. Special Structures: Rooms and houses built into, around, or on top of the trees. Bridges connecting trees to move to other rooms.

    Biomes bordering Oceans: Could be made of any material based on surrounding biome. Lighting: Once again, depended on bordering biome. Special structures: Docks and ports, also the ability to make nice looking boats.

    Desert Biomes: Mainly of Birch, Oak, and Sandstone blocks. Lighting: Torches and Glowstone. Special Structures: Oases, to provide a little scenery rather than just looking at sand. These were the ones I could think of. Of course you could use any block or lighting you wanted too, but I thought these best matched.

    Ocean biome: Consists of the house being a boat. Special rooms such as docks or fishing rooms.

    Build Interface:


    As you can see this could be the interface, with coins listed below and therooms to build!


    Eventually your house could become something like this, idk if you will even be able to see outside!


    Party Mode:
    When toggled, your house could be open to all players to freely join and party in! All construction in progress can be hidden and the house will be in 'House only' mode? (As in you cannot edit the house when in this mode)

    I was also thinking of adding some misc things in as well, like vehicles to ride around your house or outside in the 'neighbourhood' or random characters in your house like Maids, Servants or Priests (idk)


    The maid and other characters could do random things like fetch items for you, make you food or play music!



    1. Can I use Hypixel Tokens on the house?
    Yes! You can use the Tokens to upgrade things faster or use it for special upgrades?

    2. Can I invite friends to my house?
    Heck yes!

    3. How do I get more rooms when I run out?
    Upgrade the House tier.

    Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions feel free to post below!​
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    Yes please
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  3. Aha (you replied so fast *-*)
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  4. BlazerDWP

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    Yeah, :) I like this idea
  5. Good idea, well developped and nice presentation.;)
    I love it! +1
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  6. Hype

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    very creative, would definetly look foward to housing if a system such as this was added
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  7. Meeech

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    Great Ideals, maybe you could have a garden with your house??
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  8. Nerf plz it too kool.
  9. tomdec1yo

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    Amazing Idea. +1
  10. michaelkoz

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    Really cool looking
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    Yes add this
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    Sounds kool
  13. This is cool
  14. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
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  15. Thanks

    Of course, yeah. :)
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  16. VectorAssassin

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    I likey. But just one question. If we're using coins, then what kind of coins as each gamemode has its own.
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  17. iGwampa

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    Add this pls...
  18. Housing should hold trophies too :D
  19. Coins was just an example, perhaps it won't even have currency, for example you could get a certain amount of wood per second that goes towards a room. :)
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    Great ! wanna marry me?
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