1. Hello VampireZ

    The HPC are initiating a planning phase to gather ideas from the community about what you want out of an update. It is important to emphasize that this is only a planning phase with the sole purpose of collecting the best ideas from the community. Nothing is official. All we ask is that when suggesting ideas to

    • Give suggestions you could argue have a significant impact on gameplay.
    • And to respect all people’s thoughts and opinions when discussing

    Some topics and areas we would like to address include player retention, QOL, team balancing, the economy, bugs, etc.

    We want as much feedback and player involvement as possible. Everyone’s participation is valuable in helping us improve the VampireZ gameplay experience.
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  4. yea basically the ideas above,and some shop items should get some buffs because some of them (eg thorn armor and sharp II stake) are basically overshadowed by other armor/weapon that have lower/similar cost https://hypixel.net/threads/thorn-armor-deserve-buff.1735682/
    EDIT : https://hypixel.net/threads/sharp-ii-stake-need-a-buff.1797456/
    loot drop should be able to be toggled because with max loot drop,you basically get a lot of random leather armor,also let us eat the food drop from loot drop,currently we are only able to eat poisonous potato (and rotten flesh?) dropped by loot drop,if it dropped a carrot/normal potato etc the game won’t allow you to eat it
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  5. More randomness elements
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  6. @s2eforme I was right

    Hype, time to brainstorm ideas
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  7. maybe smarter zombies? so they can actually get through doors instead of just being stuck at the front?
  8. Maybe zombies can break down doors but you can repair them
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  9. The admins care about classic games? Who hacked HPC account?

    On a real note. *PERSONAL OPINION* buff damage done by vampires by default. Or make it so the vampire gets strength when they're near too many gods. Currently a party of 6+ gods in one small closed area can be very difficult to defeat.
    Or make it so the vampire gets strength equal to the level of weakness the gods have. This way they can have a chance.

    Also, fix the holy books. Either remove them or do something about them. Dont forgot the achievement as well.
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  10. Someone hacked the account oh nooo

    @Cashboys @lopen @Joshua @LittlePhilip @Brontyde
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  11. #11
  12. Second Tier of Renfield for Vampires
    -make it a lot more expensive and it gives you a lot higher of a probability of getting vamp. It's not always balanced and sometimes two random person can get it over 3 of my friends who all have renfield. TBH im not exactly sure how it works but a second tier of renfield could be really good thx

    Fix the Enchanted Books
    -the enchanted books have been broken forever so no one is able to get the achievement. pls take a look at that, either revert it to the way it used to be and get rid of the achievement or fix it entirely

    Revert the Timer?
    -the new timer so the game starts without 18 people is decent enough, but when it reaches 18, you still have to wait out that entire chunk of time. Set it back to when it reaches 18 people, the timer goes to 30 (24 people on Kudong) seconds like it used to but keep the system cause its not too bad

    -small thing like add wooden swords back to the shop

    -we get more players than speed uhc and crazy walls on a daily basis and those two games are still in the main lobby. Compared to the other classic games, VZ is the most popular. VZ needs its own lobby back it was beautifufllll

    idk man these are my thoughts, thx for listening if u do
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  13. Of course, I have a list of people that make sarcastic comments like yo
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  14. Can I make a thread of suggestions?
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  15. Wrote this in advance so...

    Add John the Villager. Tootsie knows what this is and what it implies.

    Rework the god weakness system.
    2 God = no debuffs, no health lost
    3 Gods = Weakness 1, 18 max health
    4 Gods = Weakness 2, 16 max health
    5 Gods = Weakness 3, 14 max health
    6+ gods = Weakness 4, 10 max health

    The reason for such a hit is to limit the amount of parties that join the game, and to make it less afk-able.

    Make vamps not able to break any block except for glass and glass panes. This should've been implemented years ago.

    Instead of lobbies, let all players run around the map, to let the see a bit before the game starts. Include a book in their hotbar explaining the basics of the game. Once the game starts, give all survivors a countdown before getting blindness, so as to better see their surroundings before setting off.

    Players with less than 50 vampire kills would get permanent strength 2 and regeneration 2, with the sharpness 2 ghast tear, along with a book in their hotbar explaining that it's not permanent, or maybe something in chat once they die as a survivor.

    Buff the iron armour win thing. Make it like 30-50 so new players get more of a grasp of the game.

    In the game, clicking the leather armour opens up another gui where the player can select which colour they want.

    Chat titles! Similarly to bedwars, players would get stars (or something else) for pressing deeper into the game. This should more preferably be based on kills over wins, as vampirez is easily afk-able.
    Unlocking the tags would be like in quake where you need stats and coins to unlock. I'll leave the progression to you though.

    Make all quests give like 75% less coins. This is how most people get the god armour, and really shouldn't have ever given this much. Reduce coins per win, and increase coins per vamp kill. This will encourage people to go out for kills instead of camping with their friends.

    Lower arcade conversion. Speaks for itself, 100k arcade coins for 50k vampz coins pretty much funds a full day of afk grinding.
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  16. EliteeKnight787

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    Even though regen 3 sounds fair with only a few vampires that are new. Regen 3 seems a bit broken especially since most of the vampires are unexperienced but only if they stay, plus the str 3. Most of the games if all the humans die and you are the only one alive. You are going to die fast even with strength. Especially if a good vamp is there.
    I say regen 2 str 2 but with sharp 2 fang maybe?
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  17. That sounds fair
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  18. Pazolite

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  19. EliteeKnight787

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    Another idea what if the more gods you have the weaker strength or the more expensive it becomes.
    Lets say stength gives 150% (don't know actual percentage.)
    For every extra god it goes down 30%
    I don't believe two gods together should get weakness especially since we are trying to give the new players buffs. I do agree with less health.
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  20. JAMtheWither

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    Make the map into islands and remove vampires and add new currency, less weapons, and a bed to respawn. if you break the bed you do not repsawn.
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