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    Hello again!

    As we've mentioned before in other news posts, we are working on the Classic Games update that will not only improve your gameplay experience, but also remove a ton of pesky bugs you've seen over the time. For those unfamiliar with the recent roadmap for the classic games, you can visit this thread the team posted 3 weeks ago.

    The first update is officially here: VampireZ!

    A new update has been released for VampireZ, available to play now in the Classic Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the Classic Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby classic.

    What is in this update?
    • New Map
    • New Achievements
    • Gameplay Changes
    • Balances
    • Lots of bug fixes and QOL improvements
    • And more!
    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    This update is part of our Classic Lobby update. See the roadmap for it HERE, where you can view the plans and progress for upcoming Classic Lobby updates!

    Massive thanks to @Tootsie and the VampireZ community for their help, feedback and suggestions for this update! :)

    New Map
    We've added a brand new VampireZ map with this update: Dusk. We look forwards to seeing what you think of the map!

    Gameplay Changes
    We've made some changes to gameplay in VampireZ to balance out aspects of the game, as well as to refresh and add some new mechanics to the game! This includes removal of the draw system, a short period of day time during the start of the game, where Vampires are a lot weaker, changes to Survivor starting gear, new survivor items, and more!

    Removal of the Draw System
    We have decided to remove the draw system in VampireZ, which would cause the game to end in a draw when all Vampires leave. We felt this was unfair for players who have spent a long time trying to survive the waves only for all the Vampires to leave and the game end in a draw.

    Now, instead of the game ending, when all the Vampires leave the game will continue for the Survivors. All Zombies will gain an extra level of Strength until a Survivor dies and becomes a Vampire, in which the Zombies rage will subside and they will return to normal again.


    Survivor Starting Gear
    Survivors will now be starting with a new upgraded loadout! We hope that this new loadout will help player stand a better chance against the hordes of zombies! All of these starting items can be toggled off in the Settings menu in the lobby, useful for veteran players looking to give themselves a challenge!

    Starting Items:
    • Iron Armor
    • Sharpness I Iron Sword
    • 2 Instant Health II Potions
    • 2 Steaks
    • Bright Torch
    • Location Compass
    New Item: Bright Torch
    We've also added a new item to Survivors in VampireZ - the Bright Torch. You can hold the Bright Torch for a total of 10 seconds before it will burn out, but while you are holding it, the Bright Torch flame will light up your surroundings, allowing you to see in the blinding darkness - brilliant for navigating the spooky dark maps!
    At the start: Day Time
    At the start of a VampireZ game, it will now be day time for 15 seconds. During this time, Survivors will be able to see fully without Blindness, which they can use to navigate the map and get to cover. Furthermore, Vampires will not be able to use abilities while it is day time. After 15 seconds it will turn night time, and Vampires will gain all their abilities!

    God Group Debuff
    The debuff system for Gods has been fixed and tweaked. Gods will now start being debuffed if there are 3 or more together, and will still be debuffs if there are 6 or more Gods together.

    Nausea is no longer part of the debuff system, but Gods will gain increased levels of Weakness depending on how many Gods are near each other. Furthermore, Gods will take 10% extra damage per God that is near them.

    Bat Form and Let Me In
    Bat form is no longer purchasable from the Vampire Shop. Instead, it is active at all times, and never expires. The delay between switching to Bat Form has been increased to 2 seconds.

    Let Me In ability has been buffed. Instead of opening all doors in an area, which Survivors can simply just shut, and which Zombies sometimes cannot walk through, Let Me In will remove all nearby doors for 10 seconds.

    New Players
    New players with less than 3 wins will continue to get more Gold/Blood in-game as well as a better Fang as a Vampire, but now Vampires with less than 50 total human kills will have Strength II and Regeneration II effects throughout the game. We hope that this buff will help newer Vampires get used to Vampire and learn the mechanics of the game. New players will hopefully learn to be better survivors and Vampires as their games progress.

    General Changes
    Location Compass
    We've added another new item to Survivors in VampireZ - the Location Compass. The Location Compass will point to spots on the map where Survivors can hide in to stand a better chance against the Vampires and Zombies.

    In-Game Shops
    We have also redesigned the shop menus to be easier to use and similar to the original menus in VampireZ. Instead of having menus within menus, both shops are designed to have all items accessible to the user without having to open any sub menus!

    Furthermore, some items have been removed/added to the Survivor Shop to clean up the menu of useless items and make it easier to use.

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of shop changes.

    Survivor Shop:
    The Survivor Shop menu has been re-designed to locate all icons in a single and quick to use menu. A full list of changes can be seen below:
    • Removed Bulk Food Kit.
    • Removed Holy Armor (now automatically given on purchase of Holy Book).
    • Removed all Stone Swords.
    • Removed Fire Aspect I Iron Sword.
    • Removed Knockback 1 Iron Sword.
    • Removed Fire Aspect I Knockback I Iron Sword.
    • Removed Thorns I Leather Armor.
    • Removed Thorns I Iron Armor.
    • Reduced cost of plain Iron Sword.
    • Reduced cost of Stake and add Sharpness 5 to it.
    • Reduced cost of plain Leather Armor.
    • Reduced cost of Protection I Leather Armor.
    • Reduced cost of Iron Armor.
    • Reduced cost of Protection I Iron Armor.
    • Added a Sharp 1 Stone Sword.
    • Added a Smite 3 Iron Sword.
    • Added 5 Pack of Cookies.
    • Added Steak Kit (2 Steaks).
    Survivor Shop Menu Redesign
    Vampire Shop:
    The Vampire Shop menu has been returned to its original slim design and Bat Form has been removed (as the ability is now passive). A new ability, Break Glass, has been added which breaks all glass in a 5 block radius for 1 Blood.

    Vampire Shop Menu Redesign
    Survivor Kill Credit
    Survivor Kill Credit has been tweaked slightly. Now, the Vampire who dealt the most damage to the Survivor will also be credited for the kill as well as the Vampire who dealt the last hit to the Survivor. If a Vampire deals the most damage and gets the last hit, they will not be credited twice.

    Holy Books
    Holy Books have been fixed and reverted to their original functionality as when they were added. Now, instead of a Holy Book being a one time use, a Survivor can use a Holy Book for as long as they are holding the book and wearing the Holy Armor. The channel time for both Holy Books have been increased to 10 seconds from 5. You cannot damage any Zombies or Vampires while you are using a Holy Book, so use it wisely!


    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of general changes.

    • Human Kills will only be saved for Vampires who stay the whole game. Same for Achievement progress.
    • The last survivor will gain an extra level or resistance (Resistance II).
    • The Stake has changed from Sharpness II to Sharpness V.
    • You no longer need to purchase Holy Armor - it will come with the Holy Book. It is still required to be worn for the Holy Book to be used.
    • Nausea has been removed from the God group debuff system.
    • Head Spin scare ability has been removed.
    • Loot Drop perk no longer drops Leather Armor.
    • Vampires are now placed in Adventure mode and can no longer break blocks. A new ability Break Glass has been added to the Vampire shop for 1 Blood to replace the glass breaking ability. This is to combat block glitchers who were abusing this bug to hit players through walls.
    • Blood Sucker achievement final tier has been reduced from 2500 kills to 1500.
    • Bat Form cooldown has been increased from 1 to 2 seconds.
    • 25% of Zombies will spawn as Villager Zombies, to add some variety.
    • Wither Skeletons will despawn after 1 minute.
    • Waiting lobbies have been removed. During the pregame you can now walk around and explore the map.
    • The pregame countdown will be reduced to 30 seconds instead of 1 minute when 75% are in-game.
    • The pregame chat tutorial has been replaced with a book which you can read in the pregame.
    • Overhill map has been removed.
    • VampireZ coin conversion in the Arcade lobby has been reduced to 1/4 from 1/2.

    New Achievements
    8 new VampireZ achievements have been added, for a total of 65 extra Achievement points. They are:
    • Blood Thirsty - 15 points - Kill 10 Survivors in a row without dying.
    • Robbed! - 15 points - Max out the Loot Drops Survivor perk.
    • Pun'ed - 10 points - Kill a Vampire with a Stake as a Survivor.
    • Nightmare - 5 points - Kill 3 Vampires in 10 seconds as a Survivor.
    • Purified! - 5 points - Kill a Vampire with Holy Water.
    • This tastes funny - 5 points - Eat the Enchanted Steak.
    • Pest! - 5 points - Kill a Vampire while they are in Bat Form.
    • Upgraded - 10 points - Unlock 10 upgrades from the shop.
    Bug Fixes
    We have fixed some of those pesky bugs that you hated in VampireZ, including Holy Books, Stakes and Holy Water, incorrect God debuffs and more!

    Click the spoiler below to see the full list of bug fixes.

    • Holy Books have been fixed.
    • Your nickname will now display when you are disguised correctly instead of your actual username.
    • Fixed Zombies and Vampires being able to break grass/crops.
    • Fixed Gods not getting a debuff when there were more than 6 of them.
    • Fixed Zombie kill credit not being given if they die from fall damage or fire.
    • Fixed Zombies sometimes targeting Vampires.
    • Actually fixed Wooden Stake and Holy Water sometimes not killing Vampires this time.
    • Fixed Zombie Pigmen not being aggressive on spawn.
    • Fixed scoreboard not incrementing your survivor kill if they were the last survivor.
    • Fixed Vampire armor breaking.
    • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't have your Bat disguise while in Bat Form.
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    Thank you Nitro!
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  6. Oooo update!! I think I might play this game more, this update looks awesome.
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    Just in time for Halloween
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    Wait... a... Classic game update?
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  10. Eyyy! Good to see the classic games are getting some attention :D

    You say new achievements but there don't seem to be any listed? Is this a mistake?
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    Now give it back its own lobby and this will be perfect
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  13. Just played the update, and although kinda buggy (hope the bugs get fixed) it was great! The best thing by far was the new map, it looked amazing and played well.
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  14. :D
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    I don't see the new achievements?
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  16. Apawcalypse

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    Pretty sweet update! I also like how the zombies get stronger when the vampires leave. I don't know. I just interpret them thinking "It's our time to shine, everyone! Let's get them!"
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  17. Interesting update, hopefully people will come back to this game!
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