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    VampireZ Guide for you -Srikrek

    A lot of people play VampireZ the new Hypixel game that came out recently. Most people say that this game is much too hard to win as a survivor. Thats why I am here to give a guide on strategy you can try out to help you win VampireZ.

    Step One
    Know the maps to where you can create a mental note of were some nice hiding spots are. You can also download a map that can mark waypoints to help you remember where your spots are. For example I have a spot that I memorized on village. If you go straight to the ice patch then take a sharp left eventually you will hit a small cave which is an ideal place to camp in. This spot will offer decent protection against vampires/zombies, now all you need to do is grab a snack and tape down your shift key.

    Step Two
    You should always know what your opponent [Vampire] will use against you to beat you in a fight. The traditional strategy for vampires is to always go with the vampiric aura, which will give a 560% damage boost to the vampire doing half of your whole heart bar if you do not have armor. If you are outside [With zero armor] you should try to make it to where people can save you. If you do have armor take the challenge and try to fight back. It might be worth it to get you some coins. It is tougher for vampires to win in an indoors fight because they can not easily escape thus showing that staying inside might be a smarter strategy for some. The VIP/VIP+ vampires are even tougher with becoming a bat, spawning an iron baby zombie [2 hearts per hit to a full iron person], and spawning the diamond baby zombie [5 hearts per hit to a full iron person]. To combat this try to get to a higher spot in the map where the zombies can not reach you. For example on Village there are many houses with elevated bookshelves try to find one of those and camp on top of the bookshelves.

    Step Three
    You should always know what you are going to buy, and what order you will buy it in. My strategy is start with a fire stone sword then work my way to full iron armor. This still will will not give the most protection but it might be the best you have. Be able to navigate the shop quickly. Always remember the spots of the items you would like to purchase.

    Step Four
    This will always be your most helpful thing. I always see in chat how people say that the vampires cheated. DO NOT SAY THAT. Let the admins/mods/helpers take care of that for you. As a player and a person who is enjoying the server do not get mad just keep your cool and keep trying. I know I used to get mad but then I thought "What do I get out of being mad?" Satisfaction? No. I don't get anything except for a lousy attitude so stay positive.

    Thank you for taking the time to view my guide on VampireZ possibly the best mini game out there.

    -Srikrek 47 Human Wins on VampireZ
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  2. We already have a VampireZ strategy guide, but nice guide anyways! :)
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    Thanks for your feedback I just saw the other one and I didn't comprehend it enough so i decided to make my own. It would be awesome if you could also take 2 seconds to like my post. Also it would be awesome if you could share this around all support is welcomed.

  4. Meh, I really need to work on my guide on how to make guides :p It's ok, but yea :)
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    Thanks this is my first guide so its pretty bad but I hope you enjoyed reading it also are you the guy who got like 50k views on one of your posts?
  6. Lol :D Yes I am that guy :) I am working on an intricate guide to forums, it's taking me days but is well worth it ;
    P.S. The main reason that guide did good was because of it's simplicity, helpfulness, and profession in writing and planning. I was lucky to get that spot, I will never make a more appreciated guide as there are no subjects of the sort remaining :D
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    Oh ok well thank you for the tips.

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