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  1. I don't know what you have against kool but its not kool
  2. Ater

    Ater Well-Known Member

    Red and blue and yellow and green has been taken..

    Red = Admin

    Blue = Helper

    Yellow (Or gold whatever) = Youtuber

    Green = Moderator (I like Spider2017 :D)

    And purple will be find... But I wish its rainbow color like red and white.

    • Colored chat will never happen due to it looking so spammy and annoying.
    • 4x coins wont happen due to an upcoming feature that'd make 4x coins over powered as hell.
    • Nothing wrong with 1'000 coins for each minigame.
    • A.F.K command isn't needed as there will still be an auto-kick due to the needing of space at a weekend when its busy.
    • V.I.P++ Exclusive stuff be more specific
    • Zombie pet is fine.
    • There really isn't more commands.
  3. adbo

    adbo Well-Known Member

    Someone came up with some awesome perks for an [Ultra] or [Elite] but they deleted the post :/
  4. Maybe a minigame only for that rank or something like that

  5. There wouldn't be enough people of that rank to fill lobbies 24/7 meaning that minigame would be gathering dust 80% of the day
  6. Oh didn't think of that then maybe maps that only donates that have donated a set amount of money can play
  7. Ater

    Ater Well-Known Member

    omg A lot of people in lobby and full of people. That would be crazy.
  8. Snoresville

    Snoresville New Member


    Against all the points:

    Use the colour codes for coloured chat is better than spending more for perma color.
    Will need to be reconsidered, you would be ashamed to a VIP++ person if they have all the crap and they spend little time.
    Screaming 1000 for each game (1,500 for quake games) is a lot, do you know how much 1000 is to all players? 4 matches and it could give me the Unlimited Drunken Snowballs.
    No such thing, Hypixel is popular enough to having filling up the server, 80% AFKing would only restrict 20% non VIP++ before LIMBO LIMBO LIMBO
    No LAVA COVERAGE BLITZ, if you really want more, add more blitz star chances.
    Not TF2
    Too expensive to buy VIP++ Weapons and Armor before you win even if you had to save up.
    After spending money, you get an undead Steve?
    No more commands.

    (Please, stop the VIP++)
  9. Mr_Potato1234

    Mr_Potato1234 Active Member

    The idea is good, not sure that "VIP++" should be its name. Perhaps another name, and more perks!
  10. Thank you for your opinion, and you are right, especially about the 4x coins
  11. :(
  12. Batpig

    Batpig Well-Known Member

    The problem with new ranks getting new kits and new things is that... the coders will have to dig through ALL the suggestions looking for new kit ideas. I think VIP+++ should be like when VIP+ came out. It would be only for people who want to help the server a lot, with a few added perks of course, like the coin multiplier.
  13. Linpug

    Linpug Well-Known Member

    If there were a [VIP++], then the advantages they would have would be over powered in minigames.
  14. stevefox74

    stevefox74 Active Member

    Why not just give this rank to ayers that support the server by donating more than required for rewards?
  15. OldProgram

    OldProgram Well-Known Member

    IMO, VIP and VIP+ is enough for now.
  16. Okay, I've been thinking with all of this bad feedback (I'm not saying any names) i just think its best to lock this thread. any moderators reading, lock this thread please, and once you've done that, don't unlock it, please
  17. Sniperninja

    Sniperninja Active Member

    I think it should cost $60 and you can choose your color of chat but not admin helper or mod
  18. Ater

    Ater Well-Known Member

    More cost = More time the server stays long
  19. warriorfox123

    warriorfox123 Active Member

    in this case, this would be Mvp, right? after vip comes mvp, so its a fitting name
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