1. I know there are a lot of these kinda of threads, but i feel like a these are some pretty good ideas for CvC.

    Snipers: Get rid of the .50 Cal all together, everyone hates the pull back. Replace it with a bolt action that takes as much time time to reload as the .50 Cal does, just doesn't need time to charge. One shot chamber with a few second reload. But can still kill anyone with a headshot. Also add a semi-auto sniper, 5 shots in the chamber, this can kill someone without a helmet on with a headshot, but 2 body shots to kill.

    Carbines: Carbines are pretty good already, maybe add another skin for it like a M16 or something common.

    Rifle: I think rifles could use a little less recoil, their a little hard to control, but i guess that balances out for how much more damage they do.

    SMG'S: These things are annoying af, but they are still part of the game, I think these guns should have way more recoil, i feel like its to easy to get 20 headshots in a row with the SMG.

    Shotguns: I think shotgun bullets shouldn't just disappear after it goes to far, bullets just don't disappear. Instead, the bullets should just have a lot of damage drop off, even if it does as much damage as getting shot through wood. It feels weird to shoot a gun of someone, and not have it do anything.

    Frag Grenade: I feel like the damage on the frag grenade is randomized. Sometimes there is a enemy standing right on top of it and it does 0 damage. And then a enemy is standing 5 blocks away and gets 5 hearts of damage dealt.

    New Grenade: I think a concussion grenade would be nice. Gives anyone in about a 5-8 block radius Nausea, blindness, and takes away 1-2 hearts of damage depending on how far away you are. I know the flashbang already exists, this would just be a better, more expensive flashbang.

    Decoy: Remove it.




    Scopes: I think both snipers should have a round scope, not one that covers the entire screen. Scopes don't do that. Also i think there should be a red dot scope that you can add to your Carbine or Rifle at each round. This scope would cost around $500 - $750, and would be lost at death.

    Knife: There should be no cooldown on the knife at all. It makes the game more realistic and knife fights more action packed. Knife fights are very boring at the moment and I think they can be improved.​
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  2. Chevio

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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    upload_2019-11-9_0-28-29.png (aren't yes i know)
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  3. Gingr

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    Smooches KISS
    honestly this screams "this is what I want and I don't care if it takes things way out of balance"

    also just about the knife part, why tf are you having knife fights if its a gun game.... the knife is perfect to just finish off someone if theyre close and low hp
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  4. Wolf

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    What in the world is this
  5. Mkay ik this is your opinion and all, but here's my two cents
    Sniper - Changing the draw feature wouldn't be so bad, and an autosniper... eh, why not? M4s are busted as is.
    Carbine - Agreed
    Rifle - It's in a weird spot atm due to the skill ceiling, but I've seen some players use it just fine. If it's going to be buffed, I'd say increase the fire rate instead of the lower recoil.
    SMG - These things suck, they don't need more nerfs considering it does no damage outside of sneezing range.
    Shotgun - Agreed
    Frag - Agreed
    Concussion - It would be better if they made flashes actually do something rather than making another nade.
    Decoy - It's situational, but it doesn't mean it has to be removed.
    Maps - Agreed, I want Mirage.
    Scopes - It would be better if snipers had a zoom scope by default (some servers replicate this by giving a player insane slowness), but it shouldn't need to be bought as a separate attachment; this isn't Call of Duty.
    Knife - Absolutely not; you should be focused on gunfights and not have to rely on your knife at all, plus knife with 2.5 hearts of damage and no cooldown will likely beat a USP at close range due to the player with the knife being able to jump around and dodge shots.
  6. If you make knives have no cooldown then that will allow people to b-hop which would be very very bad bc it would completely ruin the point of the whole game... A b-hopper with a fully upgraded knife would be very dangerous and you wouldn't be able to hit them with your bullets enough to kill them bc they're moving so fast.
  7. Ayaya_

    Ayaya_ Well-Known Member

    The guns and their skins are shovels, axes, swords, pickaxes and hoes retextured, the sniper is the bow retextured. I do think there aren't any other items that can be used for those additions. Remember that this isn't CS GO.

    They're supposed to be hard to control tbh.

    They already don't deal a lot of damage per shot and run out of bullets in no time, and you want to add them recoil? Please.

    Shotgun projectiles spread out in the air a lot. Do you even think it matters if the bullets disappear while you're trying to hit a player that is like, 50 blocks away from you???

    That probably is one of the CvC bugs, probably related with slabs? I'm not really sure.

    Yes, that replacement sounds good.

    I don't know if the sniper scope can be changed. Honestly scopes for rifles and carbines would be overkill for one taps, so no.

    Are you crazy? If it was that way then someone could easily spam click and backstabb you in no time. The main focus of this game isn't knifes. They're only for when you're close to finish off the enemy and you have no more bullets at that given moment.
  8. nah just make it so the drawback is gone then sniper is fine the old sniper sucked long penis
  9. Snipers: No need to change, if anything just lessen the drawback time
    Carbines: Skins are cool I guess?
    Rifle: While it is difficult to use it is the best option
    SMGs: Gets the job done but is easily killable using an m4 or ak. This gun should still be able to get kills, it's medium-high risk, high reward IMO.
    Shotgun- I mean I guess? The only problem I have with shotgun is the compactness of the spread feels to random. Sometimes the spread can be very wide while sometimes its so compact (This could just be me being crazy idk).
    Frag- If this nade wasn't buggy and worked as intended there would be no problem. The main problems are nades bouncing off grass/slabs. Slabs and grass can also absorb the full impact of a nade. I think a decent fix to this problem would be for the nade to be lifted into the air right before it explodes if it's on the ground so it doesn't contact any ground blocks.
    New Grenade: I'm sorry but this sounds extremely broken, just fix flash and that's that.
    Decoy: Keep, it's actually pretty decent its just the only problem is you can't buy it with a smoke and smoke is much more useful. If the hotbar stuff gets fixed this nade will be better.
    Scopes: This is not something that should be implemented into a game like this. Even if it was I wouldn't buy it once due to the price.
    Knife: The knife is fine
  10. better rethink all of your "pretty good ideas"

    also I love the sniper pullback, just fix the broken sniper glitch
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  11. im taking it you didnt play with the no delay knife glitch?
  12. the draw back for the sniper i agree and thats rly it
  13. I agree that CvC needs an update, but I'm not so sure about changing the system so quickly. More maps would be nice, but I also think that CvC would be alot more popular if new players weren't getting decimated everytime they walked into a game. What about making ranked games where experienced players compete? Just a suggestion from a Randy. Also: F5 needs to be removed. It is a damn FIRST PERSON shooter, not third. Peace
  14. Gingr

    Gingr Active Member

    Smooches KISS
    the community already does ranked games for those that like to play competitively. The issue is that
    a. that doesn't account for EVERYONE that's a decent aimer in the game
    b. it requires 10 ppl to be willing to play, sometimes people just find it easier to play a pub and pop some ez heads

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