1. Leaping sword stun ability causes the mobs to be invincible for the duration of the stun, thus making it useless
  2. yapp
  3. Hypixel staff probably reply quicker to you then to any of us regular players.... still have a bug report that hasnt been replied to for over three weeks now
  4. putting an item on item frames on your island will result in nothing dropping
    putting an item in AH and then leaving the lobby/server will delete the item

    Hope this helps!

    Also bug reported all of them but apparently hypixel staff have better things to do than fixing glitches
    I wish I had a game breaker
  5. Justalie12

    Justalie12 Active Member

    Telekinesis doesn't work 50% of the time. Also, telekinesis doesn't activate 2 of the arrows on a hurricane bow.
  6. Justalie12

    Justalie12 Active Member

    Also, if you get a game breaker because of one of us, can you generously donate it to whoever told you said point.
  7. I like the thing about ender armor...It's the step before dragon armor which is end game and it goes for 50k for a set maybe? which even farming the hubs wheat for idk 1 or 2 hours max you can get
  8. You can also loose items due to a server evac,
    when you don't pay enougth attention for a few seconds.
    This video is just for prove, not for entertainment:
  9. Telekinesis has worked 100% of the time for me. Only when my inventory is full or when the item isn't affected by telekinesis does it not work, and that's a feature.

    Can you elaborate?
  10. Justalie12

    Justalie12 Active Member

    Every time I use it, it sometimes doesn't pick up for me. Like when I've recently swapped from a non-telekinesis item to a telekinesis item. And also when I've used the bow over 10 times or so.
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  11. I think issues with the game taking time to update after changing items are issues with other things. It's the exact same issue that allows sword strength and bow strength to stack when it's not supposed to.
  12. not only delete items i now have a part of the storage area that have no item frames anymore at all while they where labeled with items
  13. A bunch of these where fixed recently, hurrah!
  14. updated the thread from the new update. Impressive new changes, about 5 bugs where removed! Unfortunately there is now a new one:

    "New 70% mob height aiming changes make dragons not able to be hit from above"
  15. What about dyeing armor? That doesn’t seem to work anymore.
  16. This might be fixed already, haven't experienced it today, but heavly the last 2 days
  17. That is not a bug, the ability to dye armor was removed to prevent scamming
  18. I support this
  19. Just added:
    • Swapping armor doesn't reset Mana
    • Wearing a slime hat, swapping to a talisman on your head, then swapping to any other helmet retains the anti-knockback properties of the slime hat.
    • Splash Potions thrown quickly or by other players bypasses the 3 potion effect limit (IMO there should not be a limit or maybe some collection like nether wart allows more concurrent effects)
    • Broken piggy bank reforge stacks with intact piggy bank reforge
  20. Added s'more!
    • Crafting certain tiers (usually V) of mushroom minion doesn't count as a unique.
    • Sometimes dragons escape the nest and fly away, making finishing fights impossible.

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