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  2. i dont think it was a big update, they patched a few things, like telebowing above the launchers
  3. ThePit

    ThePit Active Member

  4. Yay.......... no update tho :(
  5. slime_me

    slime_me Active Member

    YAY still in prototype lobby
  6. Rip pit........... we need an update!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. HYPE x2 :D I gotta abuse this when I can
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  8. Oh wait they really did something what
  9. Prestige 4 to 5 in 2 days lets go babyyyy
  10. Happy One Year Anniversary of Pit! :p
  11. Yaaa!!!!!!
  12. Viontro

    Viontro Member

    pls no scam u'll get x2 rewards
  13. tfw admins think that adding a rewards multiplier for 24 hours/a weekend is how you keep a game alive and healthy
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  14. It wasn't actually Minikloon's idea. He's still heavily working on another big project. That unfortunately means that, as you may have noticed, The Pit hasn't been able to have any big updates lately.

    The 2x rewards was actually a player request which was implemented in about an hour the day before the anniversary. Looking at the player count, I'd say that it indeed has made The Pit more alive than it was before.

    Don't make assumptions about things when you don't know what's been going on behind the scenes. Yes, this might have been a bit of a disappointment to some, but look at it this way: we weren't even originally supposed to get an update on the anniversary.
  15. I will admit it motivated me to play quite a lot more than I have as of late (even got two just-for-fun rares in a row which is crazy).

    I've said before I don't blame Minikloon for focusing on other projects. Even if he somehow ran out of other things to do, the community isn't exactly a particularly pleasant one to work with at the moment (and I'm probably part of the problem with this kind of post, oops).

    Anyway, I assumed it was a half-hearted attempt from the admin team at large to attract players to a dead game like they've done before with Warlords and Blitz, although notably there wasn't any kind of announcement posted anywhere other than the Pit chat (!) itself, which was a bit confusing. But if you say it was specifically done as a gift to the community, then I'll take it. I just wish there were other people able to deliver bug fix/stat balancing updates more quickly though so it didn't constantly feel like a dead-end PTL game rife with people exploiting every bug they can get their hands on.
  16. Yeah, their management is definitely a bit off. I don't really see why there isn't at least one developer working on fixing bugs. All we really can do right now, though, is wait for that project to be finished, so taking a negative attitude towards specifically Minikloon is completely unnecessary.

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