1. Hey guys I got a new name and skin

    Should I get a new profile picture on the forums

    Thanks, have a nice day! :)
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  2. Update: changed it! Thanks for the feedback guys!
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  3. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Head Family HEAD
    Something about having matching skins and profile pictures is so nice
  4. I agree, meliodis
  5. Okay, cool!
  6. Why Name yourself after one of the worst songs on allty4
  7. Bro it would be the best if the French kid wasn't on it I just play trippies part on repeat
  8. who
  9. zingy

    zingy Active Member

    lololo this kid likes trippie reddd
  10. lmao kid u like chief keef, the guy who ruined i kill ppl
  11. ur k/d isnt even 9 smh
  12. The idea of changing skins in minecraft is wierd. kinda sounds like some weird reptilian fuckery where snakes exchange their shed skins.
  13. The grinch is the best song on the album
  14. Ye one of the best, I like hate me and the jungle book, and sickening prob top 4
  15. :(:mad:

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