1. I currently have a full set of Very Wise armor with growth and prot, but i have an aspect of the end. I do not know if i should sell the very wise, as i don't do enough damage for it to be worth running around in the end. If i sell it I will have around enough money to get the unstable set(I already have the helmet). Can someone advise me?

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  2. 24GramsOfNoob

    24GramsOfNoob Active Member

    wise does not equal unstable. you should just grind for a leap sword and run around with that.
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  3. I am grinding for Pig man's right now and I heard that wise is inflating for this update and most likely for the actual Dungeons update?
  4. How much damage can you deal with it? If you get to 9000, you can try grinding the 9k enderman and get some combat exp. levels.
  5. well, I have around 22 talismans and do 3.5k dmg but I am grinding for pigmans
  6. I meant when you crit.
  7. Fluboxer

    Fluboxer Active Member

    1. Strong > unstable
    2. Just get better sword. You can obtain leaping and, when you want to change your weapon, sell it back
  8. Go for strong if you can't deal enough damage. Also, don't go for unstable unless you are testing some afk methods like what I wanna do soon
  9. 24GramsOfNoob

    24GramsOfNoob Active Member

    I went with unstable and to be honest inside I am slightly regretting my decision. (don't tell my coop that)

    Not saying unstable is a bad set, I really do like to clear 10 endermites with a single zap, it's just that strong is simply better than unstable. My coop has strong and now I'm passively grinding for strong. Passively grinding just means if anyone is offering strong for unstable I'll trade but I won't spend any money on it.

    And about your pigmans sword. I really don't think it is wise jump from the bottom to the top top. You only deal 3.5k (that is troublesome) and you're looking at a long time of grinding with pig minions.
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  10. Whichever your going to: Unstable/Strong, Never sell ur wise set. u ll regret it if you do.
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  11. I’d buy ur wise;)
    (Chestplate or leggings as I have helm and boots already)
  12. Thanks for the help

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