1. There was a span of 1 hour when each frag was 50k. But I think is over now. Hope you got/get good deals!
  2. Gimme proof you two legged chair
  3. #84
  4. luckily for me, i earned my way up to superior and sold it before any of this happened.

    haha yes
  5. MagmaMustache

    MagmaMustache Well-Known Member

    So strong and superior are almost tied now in use?
  6. @Ultimate1002 I honestly don't know why we were arguing lol i'm a douchebag when im annoyed about smth. whatever sorry for what i said xD
  7. Ty dude sorry too but wowo u got a good sword but pls don't push the hypixel mods too much they're already working hard
  8. but, the administrators did not put the price on the armor, the price you put, Strong is Strong, so you have to have more strength, Protector is defend, so you have a passive for tank, Superior should not win in It forces others, it is simply armor that does good damage and has a good defense, nobody said it was worth millions, you over inflated that armor.
  9. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    Detry. WHY
  10. Excuse me, where is the perfect armor buff??
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  11. I feel like Superior armor, compared to end game Armor such as diver and Perfect is still way too strong for how cheap it is. +5% to all 7 stats is really a big difference (in other MMORPGs if this was the only stat % buff armor everyone would already be wearing it), and specialized armor such as strong should be doing more damage than a jack of all trades armor such as superior.
  12. sTroNg aRmOr iS StRoNg iT sHouLd bE sTroNgEr tHan tHe rEsT
  13. So just to share my unwanted opnion here:
    Superior is stil the best armor i guess, only not "that much" better than strong than before. First, you cannot argue with ah prices, since their are made up by the players. I honestly dont see the point in complaning about still having the best equip in the game.
    Back in the days, in other MMOs, me and my guildmades spend Items, worth hundred if IRL Euros or hundred of hours grinding, just to increase the size of our partner from 127% to 129 or 130%. (anyone guess what game I am talking about?)
    That was a damage increase of not even one percent, but we all did it, since in an equal fight against bosses, you sometimes gain first place by less than hundred damage by hits of 30k dmg per hit.
    everyone complains now, that they could just saved millions by getting strong armor, but than you would loose out on dragon fight against superior players, so to say that is just stupid.
    And that the pice would drop someday, should have everyone known, since at latest with a bigger dungeon update, there will be way better armors in this game.
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  14. Make Diver Great Again - MDGA
  15. buff perfect pls
  16. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    No hypixel is
  17. You all talking about superior dmg being weak, but cmon... Why dont you start that topic on PERFECT ARMOR X? Like think about it. There is a reason why there are high ehp armors and strong armor. We, strong armor users, probably wont have that much Comfort in dungeons as superiors/Perfect tier X armor users. Superior nerf or rather bug fix is not that big of a deal when sharpness was nerfed.

    Also, i realy dont get why do you sell items like that after nerf if they are still the best armor in the game. Its the matter of time if they buff it again while nerf is too heavy. You have never played MMO games i guess xD (to all selling superior armor).

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