1. "Perfect Armor Tier X"
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  2. Sup still has the highest dps
  3. delayinq

    delayinq Member

    remember this post u made https://hypixel.net/threads/nerf-strong-dragon-armor.2281613/
  4. Jay, will you making a thread where people are free to make a criticism for the feed back like example. Diver Armor is really hard to get, it should be buffed.
  5. That thread does sound like a good idea, I'm hearing a lot of strong opinions that go either way on every subject.
    A global balancing thread would become a complete mess though so best might be to just make 1 for every subject.
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  6. Thanks! I thought you won't respond.
  7. Buffing everything makes everything broken
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  8. Sounds like you’re one of those people without a superior set and don’t want it to be buffed so it goes up in price :p
  9. sirgrindalot

    sirgrindalot Active Member

    Sounds like you were one of the people that paid 24mil on a bugged armor.
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  10. Oh sorry I have all the dragon sets
  11. can we have a sub-forum for suggestions, please?
  12. New member
  14. Be quiet
  15. New member on the forum doesnt mean he has no knowledge over the game, so stop the prejudice and stay on topic.
  16. Detry

    Detry Active Member

    @Ultimate1002 shut the fuck up mate, I've got a 50mil midas, along with another 50mil in the bank. I used to own a superior set but i sold it after they made it useless
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  17. Woah no need to be toxic there buddy
  18. Detry

    Detry Active Member

    Why don't you say that to Ultimate1002
  19. Imo superior set shouldn't be buffed, but superior spawn chance. Superior is still the best set in the game, and its a good mix of all the other sets.
    Clay nerf was meh, I understand why but 20 sc3k and elavas and slots used to be 1 month of grind, so 1M a day is a good reward.
    What I didn't like is no magma nerf, like 3.3M a day according to yter? That's 9 eyes per day

    And just a general advice: Don't sell items after nerf, and dont buy items after buff
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  20. shhh!
    now is best time to buy superior armor for way under it's value.

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