1. Unfair advantage threads are an unfair advantage. This is because people are annoyed at these threads, and if they're annoyed they will most likely rage, causing themselves to overreact. This also means that they may resort to hacked clients and get perm-banned, all simply because of getting angry through a piece of text. I want to make a petition to ban these people, and stop people from raging on the forums immediately.

    Okay but seriously, this is getting stupid. Literally 50% of threads I see in server discussion are Tenebrous fans trying to milk a trend, except that there is no milk left to milk what did i just say.... It's getting annoying for everyone at this point.
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  2. Lol this is a parody to the "Optifine is an unfair advantage" post
  3. ReallyMadHobo

    ReallyMadHobo Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sherlock.
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  4. We should tell Tenebrous to stop making videos about the forums. He even made a recent one about it.
  5. Loophole.
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  6. TheDevil

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    yeh i hate it when i read something and rage for 4 hours causing me to loose all sword fights.

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