1. I was trying to create a website that needs to show inventories of pit players.
    I found where the inventory is stored and there are a bunch of numbers that I don't understand.
    Can someone link me to a website or tell me how to make sense of the numbers?

    Edit: I know about pit.blue, I need to figure out how to make sense of the inventory in the API, not see my inventory.
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  2. pit.blue ?!?!?!?
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  3. I looked in the code for pit.blue and I couldn't find how the stats were interpreted.

    Edit: I looked at the source with ctrl+u
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    Yeah, just use pit.blue
  5. Pit.blue doesn't help me; I need to make sense of this:
    in the API.
  6. Posting parts of my reply to the PM conversation I had with this user here, so those who stumble across it have an answer. I've also moved this thread to the Code Help forum, which is more fitting for questions about programming and the Hypixel API.


    Player inventory data is stored in player.stats.Pit.profile.inv_contents as gzipped NBT data. Here's a gist on how to unzip the NBT data in Javascript:

    I did not include how to parse this data, as it's very possible that there's a library out there that will do the parsing for you. If not, you can use the Minecraft wiki and protocol wiki to read up on the structure of player inventory data:

    If you are using Node.js/Javascript, here's an example on how to parse the data using the prismarine-nbt package:
    Decompression is handled by the package automatically, so no need to do it yourself.

    Do note that numeral IDs are used for items, despite the wiki stating strings. This is because the server still runs on 1.8 code, before everything was converted to strings. As a result, if you use the wiki pages, you might find it helpful to go back in the history to pre-1.9, if possible.

    I'll also see if I can get the documentation updated to provide more information. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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  7. Sorry for the necro.

    For anyone wondering how to do this in Java, the 'net.minecraft.nbt.CompressedStreamTools' class is what you are looking for. It has various methods that will handle decompression & parsing.

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    Where can I find it or extract it from?

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