1. Hello, my fellow Hypixelians, there are overrated and underrated songs.

    I would like to understand your thoughts, especially your evaluations of underrated songs. For starters, I am going to list the underrated songs I have encountered throughout history. You should also contain a reason why you think this particular song is not appreciated enough.

    1) NF - No Excuses
    • There are no excuses for why this song is not on the charts. It has the correct amount of punch, and NF is a master at flow. He goes off on this song. The fire department had to be called to put out the flames. NF gave his everything on this song, no excuses for the number of clicks and views it has currently.
    2) Kanye West - Ghost Town
    • Kanye West's Ghost Town is a prime example that he still has the guts, knowledge to make bangers. It is uplifting, plus has an enchanting beat to it. Many individuals are sleeping on Kanye West. Many propose Kanye lost it; I think that is not true at all.
    3) Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves
    • Another Kanye West song, but I put it on this list for an excellent reason. He has so many slept on songs that he could build an entire graveyard. Sure, the autotune is a bit overbearing; however, the quality and overall message of the song is fundamental to the reason why I chose it.
    4) Travis Scott - Skeletons
    • It is weird seeing a song from Astroworld, a highly successful album on this list; although, Skeletons is one of the least played songs from it. The flow is mystifying. Travis Scott knows how to make soothing music to the ears. Psychedelic hip-hop.
    5) Built by Titan - Dragon (feat Skybourne)
    • Built by Titan is one of the most underrated artists. They make motivational songs with a tale, not just rapping about money, chicks, etc. This song needs to be in How to Train Your Dragon 3 immediately.
    I hope you enjoyed my list. Please, add any other suggestions!

    - GoldenZoidberg
  2. Guatemalan

    Guatemalan Well-Known Member

    Skeletons? Green and Purple ft. Playboi Carti is an underrated song wym
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  3. Never heard of the song you mentioned. Listening to it right now, it has a great beat, classic Travis. I hope I can understand Playboi Carti. He sounds like enchantment table symbols sometimes. :)
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  4. Guatemalan

    Guatemalan Well-Known Member

    Songs I recommend by Carti if you are into him(Mostly leaks):

    -Did it Again
    -Die Like This (favorite)
    -LEFT RIGHT ft. Lil Uzi Vert
    -100 Racks
    -They Afraid Of You

    Underrated songs by Uzi (leaks):

    Proud of You
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  5. You have lovely taste in music. Thank you for sharing your opinion and music. I appreciate it.
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  6. 6CPS

    6CPS Well-Known Member

    Pretty much anything John Mayers ever written (he should have a lot more listeners tbh)
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  7. PostSorcerer

    PostSorcerer Well-Known Member

    Sik World is REALLY underrated. Not just Broken Wings, but a lot of his other songs like Tear Me Apart are good too
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  8. Looks like people should see John Mayers in a "new light"; does that scan? Ah man, my humor sucks today. You are correct. I love his music.

    Imagine NF and Sik World on a track? It could wipe out an entire state with flames. ;)
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  9. LittleBitWeird

    LittleBitWeird Well-Known Member

    I have to put this:

    Everyone either disliked it, or thought Lana was the best. They all did amazing on the song. And it's a very good song.
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  10. Yo! Love reading all these random but cool threads! (The one about the Schoolteacher was funny)

    Underated songs? Eh... Not much. I don't listen to any phsydelic or death metal, and I don't listen to anything that contains profane lyrics or anything.
    I don't listen to A very broad spectrum of music, usually stick with you know, "sidestream" music, like Jazz, Bossa Nova, Synth, etc. So I don't get to hear a lot of "underated songs"...
    Overrated songs: old town road. OK OK OK don't laugh at me xD I know you might be thinking this is a meme, but tbh, it has a cool beat and love the Trap theme, but it is like, idk... Just feel people putting it in too much of a spotlight...
    Generally, I think that MOST contemporary ARTISTs are solo overrated. Like, they use auto-tune, scrape up some base trap, dump in some chord progressions, and just copy a lot of the same lyrics.

    Sooooo many exceptions though.
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  11. 92,717,153 million views, plus being consistently played on the ratio is not really underrated. 3.5 million likes? Not a lot of people disliked it, lol. Good song though.

    Yee-yah, my friend! Thank you for sharing your opinions. It is okay to have different tastes in music. Jazz it up!
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  12. LittleBitWeird

    LittleBitWeird Well-Known Member

    Read the comments. It's not like completely hated, but everyone only likes one part of the song.
  13. The music disc Strad is one of the most overlooked songs in Minecraft, yet it’s probably one of the most unique and calming songs out there. I love it because you usually associate steel drums with happiness and joy on a Hawaiian beach. They make you wanna dance in a grass skirt. Strad is different. It makes you wanna lay out in the sand and listen to the waves roll. If there is ever a tropical update, Strad should be playing in the background for the trailer.
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  14. Not super underrated, but Faouzia's songs are very good (in my personal opinion). Mostly her voice is absolutely amazing (if a little shy of quieting down in the higher register), but the songs have good messages as well.

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