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    A small update has been released for UHC, available to play now in the new UHC Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions, or play it right now by clicking the UHC Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby uhc.

    ▶ What is in this update?
    • Pregame improvements to help games start more consistently
    • New event mode
    • Bug fixes
    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    This update is following up after the last UHC update which you can read HERE.

    Make sure you click "Continue reading" for more information on the update.

    ▶ New Limited Time Mode

    Vanilla mode has only 1 row of hearts instead of 2

    We have released a new UHC Event mode: Vanilla Doubles! Hop into a game and team up with a friend or a random player and play a Vanilla UHC Game - no recipes, extra ultimates, perks or kits, and only 1 row of hearts! The day-night cycle has also been enabled.

    We have also tweaked what stats are gained for this mode. You WILL gain score in this mode, as well as coins.

    ▶ Pregame Improvements

    As you may have already noticed if you have played a UHC game recently, we have made some changes to how UHC pregame works. In order to help games start and allow players to play the game, we are testing some changes to the pregame. You can read my original post about this HERE for discussions and if you want to make any suggestions.

    The changes are:
    • When a player joins a game, the pregame timer will start at 10 minutes. The game will not start until a minimum player count is met, which is displayed in the scoreboard

    • If this minimum count is not met, a message will be sent to the lobby allowing players to click the message and join the game directly. The timer will be increased to allow more time for people to join. If the minimum count is not met when the timer runs out, all players will be kicked to the lobby and you will have to re-queue.
    • The starting timer will dynamically increase each time the game fails to start and will reset once a game starts.

    • If the minimum player count is met, the timer will continue to tick down, and when it reaches 0 the game will start. If a recommended/optimum player count is met, the timer will be reduced a lot to start the game quicker (for example, when reaching 85 players in Teams, the timer will be reduced to 30 seconds).
    We hope these changes will help make being able to play a UHC game more consistent instead of waiting upwards of 15 minutes for a game to start. We are hoping to expand this system to other games on the network if it works successfully.

    ▶ General Changes
    • Fixed a bug where only 1 top player would be displayed at the end of a Solo UHC game
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the deathmatch map is broken
    • Fixed a bug where the same person would display on the end game leaderboard more than once
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  2. We have plenty more updates to come this month, and if you have not read our July Developer Summary yet, I recommend heading over to this post: https://hypixel.net/threads/1708233/
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  3. hype
    now update pit
    and maybe guilds i guess
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  4. Waitron

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    Guild Master
    *UHC joins BedWars & SkyWars's gang*
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  5. Finally a fair gamemode HYPE
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  6. Ka3ashka

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    RuGaming RG
    *Still waiting for guild update*
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  7. Nice new UHC update!
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  8. Vanilla Mode YES FINALLY!
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  9. Steve

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    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT
    Woah vanilla :D
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  10. aPaint

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    Hype! Excited for this update! :D :D
    First page
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  11. MasterDogee

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    *sips coffee* where is the guiLd upDatE?
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  12. HYPE
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  13. Hysea

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    UnknownSynergy APR1ST
    Vanilla ? Perfection
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  14. AWESOME!
  15. Nice!
  16. Too bad I dont play uhc
  17. Vanilla UHC? Interesting. Seems new player friendly, nice.
  18. Des


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    Dart DART
    How does one edit 25 minutes ago when the post was made 15 minutes ago? :thonk:
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  19. Obligatory 'first page yay!' post.

    Gimme those dislikes.

    EDIT: Guys, c'mon! I expected more..
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  20. This mode looks awesome!

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