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    We are happy to announce that for the last month we've been working closely with the Hypixel Player Council and the Community to bring a big update to UHC. Today, this update gets to see the light of day!

    Speed UHC
    Moved to the UHC Champions Lobby
    For quite some time we've been discussing internally what to do regarding Speed UHC. Due to the new Compass Menu, new games coming out and other reasons, we were worried that we would be hurting Speed UHC and it's player base by moving it to a separate page in the Compass. Many ideas were considered, but one stood out and stuck, that idea was to move Speed UHC into the UHC Champions Lobby. Moving an entire game would obviously mean that we would have to change a lot of things to the economy, lobby, leaderboards, achievements etc, all of which we managed to do nicely and we're happy with the outcome. This will all be detailed in this thread.

    Economy Changes
    Due to the game getting moved into another game's lobby we wanted to keep the economies as simple as we could. Speed UHC already had 3 different economies and we thought this was too much, especially considering how two of these economies were barely used, so we decided to merge all 4 economies (UHC Champions Coins, SpeedUHC Coins, SpeedUHC Salt, SpeedUHC Tears) into one economy which is simply UHC Coins. Economy transfers will be detailed further down the thread. All Speed UHC boosters that had not been used yet have been refunded to Gold. Gold can be used to purchase other things from the In-Game Store such as the Battle Pass!

    Score System
    Due to the UHC Champions Lobby already having a Score and Title system, we felt like we should introduce this to SpeedUHC as well, which never had a way to show off your progress in the game.
    Detailed here are the scores and titles you need to achieve each tier:

    [1❋] Hiker - 0 Score
    [2❋] Jogger - 50 Score
    [3❋] Runner - 300 Score
    [4❋] Sprinter - 1050 Score
    [5❋] Turbo - 2550 Score
    [6❋] Sanic - 5550 Score
    [7❋] Hot Rod - 15,550 Score
    [8❋] Bolt - 30,550 Score
    [9❋] Zoom - 55,550 Score
    [10❋] God Speed - 85,550 Score

    The scoring system works the exact same way as the UHC Champions one, you earn 1 score for each kill and 10 score for each win in Speed UHC. Here's an example comparison of the UHC Champions Title Display vs the Speed UHC Title Display:
    UHC Champions
    Speed UHC
    You will be able to choose which Scoring System to display in the Lobbies, however, each game will display its own score and titles in the respective Games.
    Note: Stats are still being transferred over and can take up to 6 hours to reflect properly.

    Insane Mode
    While planning this update, we noticed that Insane Mode was barely played when we compared it to Normal Mode, we conducted polls, talked to the Hypixel Player Council and reached out to the community to see what the best course of action would be, all of this resulted in us realizing that we should make SpeedUHC just one mode with two play types (Solo and Teams). Changing this meant that we would have to re-balance Normal Mode, add new achievements, update kits and perks, and remove all Insane Mode's things. Worry not, since we refunded all Insane Perks, Kits and any purchase related to Insane Mode. All of these refunds will go towards the UHC Coins. Achievements that were tied to Insane Mode have become Legacy Achievements, meaning that they're still there but are not achievable anymore. The Leaderboards for Insane Mode will remain and be available always in the UHC Champions Lobby.

    We've been wanting to add Cosmetics to SpeedUHC for quite some time now, and we had a great opportunity to do it here... so we did. We've added Kill Effects, Victory Dances, Projectile Trails and Cages to Speed UHC! These are all purchasable through the Speed UHC Store in the Lobby.
    New Masteries
    We have added two new masteries to the Game. These Masteries are Vampirism and Guardian and they are Detailed below.
    • Vampirism Mastery: Increases the health on kill by 1 Health. (Stacks with the other 2 HP given by the game)
    • Guardian Mastery: Reduces Damage taken by other players by 5%. (includes melee and bow damage).
    Prestige Masteries
    We have introduced Prestiges to all Masteries. Prestiges require 2000 kills with the Mastery Perk and also require 250,000 coins. Prestiges give a new turn to the masteries by making their abilities better.
    • Prestige Wild Specialist: All environmental damage is reduced by 90%.
    • Prestige Sniper: Bow shots from over 20 blocks away deal 4% extra damage per block traveled.
    • Prestige Berserk: Obtain Strength I for 3 seconds upon killing an enemy.
    • Prestige Fortune: All ores have a 50% chance of dropping an extra item.
    • Prestige Master Baker: Healing from Golden Apples is increased by 75%.
    • Prestige Invigorate: Increases your maximum health by 2 hp after each kill, with up to 4 hp extra.
    • Prestige Huntsman: Gain 45 seconds of Speed II after a kill.
    • Prestige Vampirism: Increases the health on kill by +2 health.
    • Prestige Guardian: Decreases damage dealt by players by 10%.
    Prestige can be unlocked by clicking on the dyes below the Masteries in the Speed UHC Shop.
    This is how the Masteries will look like once Prestiged.
    This is how the Prestige Menu looks like.
    Make sure to unlock Prestige and show off the world how good you really are at the game!
    Balancing Changes
    With this update, we've introduced quite a few balancing changes. Some of them are the following:
    • The Graceful Pickaxe now stays for the entirety of the game (but deals no damage to other players).
    • Telekinesis Perk now applies to all blocks mined.
    • Kills will now give 2 hearts.
    • Chickens will drop between 4 and 8 arrows when killed.
    • Players will be shown on the map when there's 4 left instead of 3.
    • Logger Kit: Added 1 golden block and now gives Efficiency V Golden Axe.
    • Miner Kit: Added Iron Helmet with Blast Prot II, Gives 1 more TNT.
    • Scout Kit: Added Feather falling II to boots.
    • Archaeologist Kit: Added Iron Helmet with Protection I.
    • Cowboy Kit: Removed Leather Helmet, Changed Iron boots to Leather Boots with Feather Falling IV and Unbreaking III.
    • Enchanter Kit: Added 1 Anvil, Added 1 Random Enchanted Book.
    • Healer Kit: Removed Golden Chestplate, Added 1 Golden Apple.
    • Oink Kit: Added Iron Leggings, Pig gets Speed IV when Spawned.
    • Pyro Kit: Added a Fire Protection II book.
    • Farmer Kit: Removed 1 Awkward Potion.
    • Knight Kit: Added Golden Helmet with Protection II, Unbreaking X.
    • Summoner Kit: Skeletons now spawn with Full Chain Mail.
    New Achievements:
    • My Way: Choose a preference in the Drop Manager (5 points)
    • Diamooonds: Mine 30 Diamond ore in One game (10 points)
    • Hot Hog: Ride a Pig while in the Nether (5 points)
    • Brave New World: Enter the Nether (5 points)
    • Tears of Loneliness: Win a game after your teammate dies (15 points)
    • Yeehaw!: Ride a Horse (10 points)
    • TIERED Promotion:
      • I: Reach 50 Score (5 points)
      • II: Reach 300 Score (10 points)
      • III: Reach 2550 Score (15 points)
      • IV: Reach 5550 Score (20 points)
      • V: Reach 15550 Score (25 points)
    • Master of Masters: Prestige your first Mastery! (15 points).
    Legacy Achievements:
    • New Strategies: Find a Mastery in the Tear exchange (10 points)
    • Knowledge!: Obtain an Enchanted book from killing a player in Insane Mode (5 points)
    • TIERED Salty:
      • I: Collect 200 Salt (5 points)
      • II: Collect 1000 Salt (10 points)
      • III: Collect 5000 Salt (15 points)
      • IV: Collect 10000 Salt (20 points)
      • V: Collect 25000 Salt (25 points)
    Bug Fixes
    • The game sometimes not ending when the last player was killed.
    • Game going into negative countdown and cages not opening.
    • Being able to make some blocks spawn in the middle.
    • Achievement progress not being shown for Tracked Tiered achievements.
    • Arrow Recovery perk being triggered by Fishing Rods.
    • Lifetime Kills leaderboards not being up to date.
    • Many more bugs!

    UHC Champions

    UHC Profile
    We're also pleased to introduce your new best friend, the UHC Profile NPC! He can be found in the UHC Champions Lobby just next to the Leaderboards, his job is to show you your progress in both Speed UHC and UHC Champions. We hope you don't give him a hard time!

    Balance Changes
    • Fusion Armor's base amount of crafts has been reduced to 1. Protection V was changed to Protection IV.
    • Apprentice Bow was changed to be timer based (just like Apprentice Sword).
    • Skeleton spawn rates were upped by 20% to accommodate the Apprentice Bow changes and allow for better crafting of Power One books.
    • Pandora's Box was changed to be what it originally was when first added.
    • Teammate boosting has been removed.
    • Modular bow algorithm for calculating Poison has been adjusted to do more damage.
    • Powerhouse achievement has been changed from 15 to 20 points.
    • Obliterate achievement has been changed from 20 to 15 points.
    • Play 1 Game of Solo and Teams UHC Champions have been removed from the Quest Listings.
    New Achievements:
    • TIERED Ultimatum:
      • I: Craft 50 Ultimates after Grace Period (5 points)
      • II: Craft 150 Ultimates after Grace Period (10 points)
      • III: Craft 500 Ultimates after Grace Period (15 points)
      • IV: Craft 1000 Ultimates after Grace Period (20 points)
      • V: Craft 2500 Ultimates after Grace Period (25 points)
    New Event Mode:
    A while ago we announced that we wanted to get some new ideas for Event Modes for UHC, after some consideration and testing, we found the one that we liked the most and found the most suitable. Introducing... Flower Power!.
    (We are still not sure when this mode will go live, but we will certainly let the community know).

    Bug Fixes
    • "Calling upon Thor" achievement was not being awarded.
    • "Extra Powerful" achievement was not being awarded.
    • Event modes not ending when they should.
    • End game message was showing "nth Place" when it should've been showing "nth Killer"
    • "Hunter" Tiered Achievement was showing incorrect values.
    • 50v50 could have more than 50 players on one team.
    • Leaving the game, nicking and rejoining would not track the score.
    • Voidbox could teleport players outside of the deathmatch arena.
    • More head duplication bugs.
    • Shoes of Vidar was using only one type of fish.
    • Sometimes the map would show incorrect names.
    • Autocraft could use Golden Heads.
    • Cornucopia not being able to be crafted with a certain kit.
    • Some battle pass missions were not being correctly triggered.
    • Barbarian Chestplate was not showing Strength.
    • Bunch of translation issues with pluralization.
    • Heads could be placed in the ground when spamming them.
    • And more...
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  3. Honestly the right choice for this mode, glad to see this happen.
    How was I not first lol
    After two rather controversial updates (Skyclash Removal and Battle Pass), and then a wait of over a month, it's great to see Hypixel coming back alive with these last four announcements. :)
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