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    There were already so many things that needed to be fixed within the game..
    Color Code:
    Red (Remove)
    Orange (Requires major adjustments)
    Pink (Needs slight adjustments)
    Purple (Needs little to no adjustments)
    Green (Add)
    Black (N/A)

    This is essentially giving a coordinated team Tier II potions at the start of PvP. Not saying that it wasn't possible beforehand, but with this kit, it's guaranteed. This kit removes the need to go to the nether if a team was rushing a nether strat and provides ammo for an EXTREMELY easy snowball early game. The only way I could see this kit being implemented properly is if potions were nerfed, but we don't need nerfed potions. The brewing system we have now is fine. This kit either needs to be nerfed or completely removed.

    Prestige Kits
    This was a decent idea, would like to see all the percentages/items for kits and make changes accordingly.

    Perk % chance needs to be discussed, but it needs to be low. If possible, maybe have different drop rates for Iron and Gold? Otherwise, would like to see added.

    Horses are already pretty broken as is, especially if a good player is on one. I can see MANY things going wrong if this profession is added. It's not difficult to take out multiple players while on a horse. Give a player crafts and a passive ability for a faster horse and you're asking for disaster.
    And for God's sake the Zombie horse... no.

    Shoes of Vidar
    Summon Phoenix
    Potion of Vitality
    Miner's Blessing


    General Changes
    The border now begins to shrink when PvP enables.
    Game durations have been altered.
    Extreme Hills and other rare biomes excluding Jungles become much more common again.
    Revert to old teammate health colors on the scoreboard.
    Skeletons now have a 10% chance to drop a Skeleton Skull
    Skeletons can only drop 1-2 bones.
    Creepers can only drop 1 gunpowder.
    Blazes can only drop 1 blaze rod.
    Zombie Pigmen now only drop 1-2 golden ingots.
    Sheep now drop Raw Mutton instead of Porkchop.
    Craftable Regeneration Potions are disabled.
    All Absorption Effects are removed upon PvP becoming enabled.

    The Fortune enchantment is removed from the enchanting table.

    Revision of some Deathmatch arenas, some arenas may be completely replaced.

    Wither Skeleton Skulls now act as a player head
    Wither Skeletons spawn very frequently at 0,0 in the Nether. Either remove that feature or reduce the chance of a skull drop by a significant amount. Looting Swords are craftable.

    Skeletons now have a 10% chance to drop a Skeleton Skull
    Ghasts have a 15% chance to drop a Ghast Tear when killed

    Reduce Blaze spawn rates outside of Nether Fortresses by 50%
    Haven't had the chance to see these percentages in-game, might have to increase/decrease percentages accordingly.

    The Player Count (20) Reducing the Timer until Deathmatch (15 minutes) is removed.
    The system was fine, no need for change. All this does is make teams wait an extra 20 minutes for Deathmatch to start just to fight a full iron who caved a gapple and enchants.
    Shearing Sheep gives 1-3 Wool and 1-3 String
    This essentially removes the need to use the Archer kit, you're basically spoon-feeding players free string. No.


    Extra Ultimates

    Artemis Bow
    The new recipe is a great change, but Artemis is still a very broken ultimate. Reduce the chance of Homing Arrows (damage dealt by homed shots should deal regular amount).

    Exodus is good as an extra ultimate as it stands now; does not need any changes.

    Chest of Fate
    Fine as it was, I don't understand how the changes proposed were even conceived. It's unnecessary.

    Have yet to see the new Excaliber in game, but I can already see problems with the Sword being Sharp 1. It only takes a single temple to give a team the ability to duel-wield Excaliber and Axe of Perun.

    No. Daredevil is broken to hell as is, no matter who the rider is. I agree with the speed reduction, but every other change is terrible. I don't even need to explain why it shouldn't spawn in at full health, LET ALONE be able to be healed.

    Axe of Perun
    The first nerf to Perun was perfect, there was no need to bring it back to the behemoth it was before. Paired with Excaliber, you could slice through players within seconds. Axe of Perun does not need any changes.

    Hide of Leviathan
    2 extra diamonds for a Protection IV enchantment isn't asking much; does not need a new recipe.

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  2. rt
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    I agree with this man
  4. Now that artemis is even more broken, the amount of high stars going to abuse this is a lot.

    Daredevil should be at its normal state. It's good for outplaying a smart bhopper.

    Hide should stay the same

    Excalibur shouldnt even have true damage, just kb. Its a second version of perun but without the lightning effect basically.

    Cof should keep its normal absorption, but i like the speed changes on it.

    Exo is going to be rushed more essentially because the extreme hills biomes are going to be way more common than jungles now.
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    Uhhhh... I play Skywars
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  6. problem is, dragon armor costs only 8 diamonds and is way better than hide, hide is equivalent to like a prot 1 diamond chestplate
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  7. Excalibur needs to have true damage or at least some change to it from what it is currently since right now it is pretty much useless, it's just a dia sword that deals extra kb and kb is barely ever useful.
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    team of 2
  9. Michael Mydoeza with words of wisdom
  10. True. Now that I think about it is utterly useless as of right now and the past. So yeah you do have a point on that.
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    Great thread mydoeza
  12. Prestige kits (at least the way they had it) is so unbalanced. Being able to spawn with a power one or and efficientcy 1 unbrekaing 2 iron pick is broken.
  13. its still a piece of prot 4 diamond armor, you can't get it so easily, 2 diamonds are not much

    you aren't guaranteed to spawn with a power 1 every game though
  14. Love how its the bowspammers who complain about art xD. This thread is made to literally benefit you. Its not everyday you come along and find an emerald so it is quite difficult to craft.
  16. Pharoah

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    Very well said. I have a post on the 11th page of the official thread analyzing everything in the thread, but it's very long. If you'd like to read it and my opinions on everything, you may do so.

    (shameless self promotion)
  18. The increase in extreme hills and jungles are not needed whatsoever, all hills will do is add more exodus rushers, and jungles are literally the worst biome and are just awful
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  19. Speed 3 pots is what they are for

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