1. Hello,

    Over the last few weeks we have been gathering ideas and feedback for the new UHC Update.
    This update is going to be pretty large so we will use a roadmap to discuss current and new features.
    This thread will also be kept up-to-date so you know the status of each feature.
    Nothing on here is final and is subject to change :)
    Please give your feedback on this thread and suggest your own ideas!

    New gameplay features
    Goal: Improve the gameplay of the main UHC mode through QoL features and new gameplay elements.
    Status: In Progress
    The green features are already implemented!
    • Crafts don't require full durability anymore. If the item crafted is a weapon/tool, the durability of the item will match the durability of the items used in the crafting recipe.
    • Turn the pregame lobby into some kind of combat deathmatch area. A minigame before the game.
    • Changes to Void Box. You first place 1 Void Box somewhere and when you place the second one it teleports you back to the first Void Box and then they both disappear. Craft changed to replace 4 of the 8 glass with obsidian.
    • Ability to hit your own teammates, but it deals no damage. Only after 10 minutes, players can toggle it on or off in lobbies and during game. By default this option is toggled off.
    • Day/Night cycle - 15 minutes day and 5 minutes nights
    • Allow players to spectate by flying around the world after they die
    • Buff Apprentice Sword so it is a Sharpness 1 Iron sword at PvP, a sharpness 2 Iron after 5 minutes, a sharpness 3 after 15 and a sharpness 4 iron in deathmatch.
    • Buff Daredevil by +15% speed, no other changes.
    • Make the command to team invite /team (name) instead of /team invite (name)
    • Give Speed 3 for 10 seconds for +80 block bow shots.
    • Returned a chat message when you have the right ingredients to craft a custom recipe you own. With the option to click on that chat message to automatically craft the recipe. [​IMG]
    • When a player or any of their teammates engage combat with an enemy team (deal damage to them or take damage from them) the color of those players change in tab and appear first on the list.
    • Gold Ores in inventories become gold ingots when deathmatch starts.
    New Professions
    Goal: Implement new gameplay options for veterans and new players.
    Status: Need feedback and ideas!
    • Convenience Profession. See Profession thread here! - Name change to Precursor Profession. The Ultimate will change! Instead of the current Ultimate craft, instead it will become Precursor Armor. Place any 5 Diamond armor pieces in a crafting table and it will combine them into a random piece of Precursor Armor. Precursor Armors are Protection 4 Diamond pieces with a special effect (give your ideas!). If you have all 4 pieces you get a set bonus (give your ideas!).

    New Ultimates
    Goal: Create new fun and useful items.
    Status: Need feedback and ideas!
    • Precursor Sword. Diamond Sword Sharpness I that gets +1 Sharpness level after 1-3-6-10 Kills.
    • Expert Seal. Check the thread here (for the sake of testing, the effect of this ultimate would work on all enchants)
    • Hermes Boots. Protection II, Feather Falling I, Unbreaking II Diamond Boots. Those boots give +10% walkspeed to the holder. (comes with particle effects).
    • Precursor Bow. Regular Bow. When left clicking, it switches the mode of the bow, as long as you are using a mode, your arrows will have the effect of that mode. Either Punch (equivalent of Punch 1 arrow), Poison (Gives 1 poison tic + slows the enemy by 1% for 3s for each block travelled after 25 blocks) and Lightning (deals 1 extra heart of true damage per hit). Those effects only work if the bow was fully drawn.
    • Barbarians Chestplate: Protection 1 Diamond Armor. User has permanent Strength 1 and Resistance 1.

    Kits changes
    Goal: Balance the kits and make them all more viable.
    Status: Need feedback!
    - Stone Tools remains the same.
    - Ecologist has oak wood and coal removed, but receives 12 sugar cane, 21 vines, and a stone axe with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 at max.
    - Enchanting set has obsidian removed, but receives 18 lapis, and a stone pickaxe with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 at max.
    - Looter receives a stone sword with looting 1 at max.
    - Archery set receives a stone shovel with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 at max.
    - Horseman has sugar removed, but receives gold horse armor, 2 extra string, and a tamed horse spawn egg at max.
    - Lunch Box has golden carrots removed, but receives 12 carrots, and 2 melon slices at max.
    - Leather Kit remains the same.

    From this thread/

    New Kits
    Goal: Implement new gameplay options.
    Status: Need feedback!

    New Deathmatch Arenas

    Goal: Create a new Deathmatch arena that has interesting gameplay and colorful theme.
    Status: Need feedback, what type of Deathmatch arena would you like?

    New Achievements
    Goal: Add new achievements, both for new and veteran players.
    Status: Need ideas!
    • Abusive – Craft 3 Extra Ultimates in one game. (10 points)
    • Elite Prestige – Unlock both, a Prestige 1 and a Prestige 2 upgrade for a profession. (5 points) [retroactive]
    • Ding Ding Ding - Hit three arrows from 30+ blocks in a row. (10 points)
    • Wrong Mode? – Win a teams game while having 100% of the team kills. (10 points)
    • No Melee – Break a bow. (5 points)
    • Powerhouse - Wear Exodus, Dragon Armor, Hide of Leviathan, and Seven League boots all at the same time (20 points) [Note: players cannot just rename their diamond armor to get the achievement]
    • Loner - Win a solo game with 10 kills or more. (15 points)
    • Crazy Hardcore - Win an Event Mode UHC (5 points)
    • Calling upon Thor: 10 points: Have Axe of Perun and Excalibur in your inventory at the same time.
    • Tiered Achievement: Cannibal
      Tier I-V: Eat 10-100-250-500-1000 heads. (retroactive )
    • Tiered Achievement: Ultimate Power
      TIER I-V: Craft: 10-50-100-250-500 ultimates
    Bug fixing
    : Need to investigate!
    • Santa cookies can't be eaten is hunger is full.
    • Regen IV is currently acting like Regen III
    • Strength might not be working correctly in game at the moment.

    Thanks for reading!
    This is the first draft of the thread, it will be updated with new professions and features soon. Currently collecting all ideas and making sure they fit the thread.
    Please give your feedback on those features!
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  2. 10/10
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  3. shaneo

    shaneo Active Member

    Vape Club
    Precursor sword should be unanvillable
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  4. Very impressed.
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  5. Are these ideas implemented yet or are you currently adding them? I love everything but the one where you can hit your teammates, that sounds a bit annoying for people in teams who have to 1v3 or are running to their teammates after being backstabbed I
  6. This looks amazing.. thanks for listening to community input
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  7. xDontBanxLOL

    xDontBanxLOL New Member

    Love the new craft and everything to this thread. This would make UHC better.
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  8. You would be able to toggle it
  9. You wanna uh... Make leather kit unbreakable? Also 18 lapis in enchanter sounds useless
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  10. prnstr

    prnstr Active Member

    Wow this all sounds amazing and would definitely impact the game in a new way I can’t wait to experience all of this
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  11. 10/10 I like it
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  12. Nothing is implemented yet, we are starting to work on those features today (at least those who got the best feedback so far).
    The hitting teammate feature is a toggle, if you have it toggled off, your teammates can't hit you. It is only useful when all 3 teammates are communicating well together.
  13. Nerfed

    Nerfed Well-Known Member

    African Water WATER
    Everything looks good besides the trapper kit that I didn't like, but it looks good
  14. Rimpz

    Rimpz Active Member

    TBH all of these are nice except for the convenience profession perk and the day/night cycle IMO. the crafting message thing is a little weird too, but i feel like it could work.
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  15. nuuskasan

    nuuskasan New Member

    eh i like the
    - Turn the pregame lobby into some kind of combat deathmatch area. A minigame before the game.
    the rest is eh good i guess
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  16. Everything sounds good but i don't see the need in that sword extra ultimate since most people would have already prestiged weaponsmithing and can easily rush s3 dia or s3 drag so i dont think many people will be using it. Rushing s3 also requires less diamonds so it just seems more appealing overall
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  17. Nerfed

    Nerfed Well-Known Member

    African Water WATER
    Like it, maybe they can add parkour instead or something
  18. Hype times ahead!
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  19. good ideas overall

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