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    Hey all!

    A new update has been released for UHC, available to play now in the UHC Lobby. Read on below for a full list of changes and additions or play it right now by clicking the UHC NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby uhc.

    What is in this update?
    • New Mode: Brawl
    • New Profession
    • Gameplay Changes
    • 5 New Extra Ultimates
    • New Kit + Kit Changes
    • 12 New Achievements
    • Bug fixes and QOL improvements
    • And more!
    As always, if you find any bugs or issues please report them in the bugs section on the forums HERE.

    Huge thank to everyone who helped make this update, from players who gave feedback on the UHC Update Proposal Thread, the UHC Channel Discord for their feedback, and to Grovyle, zYatagarasu, zTea, MattNUT, Steering, ImWolf, Pikachu, GeoPaladin, Alphacore, Fruitberries, mcdm, flamepelt, and many more for suggesting amazing ideas!

    New Mode: Brawl
    Over the last couple months we have been testing a few versions of the mode and we are re-introducing Teams of 3 Brawl!

    Brawls is a super fast paced version of UHC, less preparation but much, much more fighting.
    This mode features:

    • No grace period.
    • Kills drop 1 Diamond and a few gold ingots.
    • Players spawn with: Full Iron Armor - Diamond Sword Sharpness 1 - Anvil - Enchanting Table - Shears - Stone tools - Bow - 12 Arrows - Bucket.
    • Killing mobs gives 2x more exp.
    While the regular UHC mode focuses on preparation strategy, this mode is all about teamfights. It is a lot harder to get an early game advantage, so expect intense and explosive fights!

    New Profession: Invention
    A new profession has been added to UHC, Invention, which contains some new and extremely useful crafts for you to make, and the Convenience perk, which will help you dig faster.

    Recipe 1: Gold Pack
    Much like the Iron Pack, the Gold Pack allows the user to craft 10 Gold Ingots with 8 Gold ore and a piece of Coal.

    Recipe 2: Sugar Rush
    Dupe craft for Sugar Cane.

    Recipe 3: Backpack
    A craft which gives a 27 slot inventory for you to store items and de-clutter your inventory.

    Recipe 4: Fusion Armor
    A powerful piece of Diamond armor with Protection 5 which requires 5 random pieces of Diamond Armor to craft. Wearing a full set of Fusion Armor gives the wearer Resistance 1.
    This craft will work with an 5 pieces of Diamond Armor, and the recipe is shapeless.

    Perk: Convenience
    The convenience perk will help you dig sand, gravel and obsidian a lot faster, making your life a lot easier. Each level will give an increased chanced to gain double drops from these blocks, and as you level up, your tools will gain increased levels of Efficiency when mining these blocks!


    Gameplay Changes
    A bunch of new gameplay changes have been added to UHC that aim to improve gameplay, make life easier for the player, and to add a new aspect to each game.
    • Crafts don't require full durability anymore.
    • Ability to hit your own teammates, but it deals no damage. Only after 10 minutes, players can toggle it on or off in lobbies and during game. By default this option is toggled off.
    • Day/Night cycle - 15 minutes day and 5 minutes nights. Mobs will spawn during night time.
    • Allow players to spectate by flying around the world after they die.
    • Buff Apprentice Sword so it is a Sharpness 1 Iron sword at PvP, a sharpness 2 Iron after 5 minutes, a sharpness 3 after 15 and a sharpness 4 iron in deathmatch.
    • Buff Daredevil by +15% speed, no other changes.
    • Make the command to team invite /team (name) instead of /team invite (name).
    • Give Speed 3 for 10 seconds for +80 block bow shots.
    • Added a chat message when you have the right ingredients to craft a custom recipe you own with the option to click on that chat message to automatically craft the recipe.
    • When a player or any of their teammates engage combat with an enemy team (deal damage to them or take damage from them) the color of those players change in tab and appear first on the list.
    • Gold Ores in inventories become gold ingots when deathmatch starts.
    • Strength has been fixed, it will now correctly deal +30% and +60% damage for tiers I and II.
    New Extra Ultimates
    5 new extra ultimates have been added to UHC in this update, ranging from new powerful weapons and armor to utility items which can buff the player when crafted!


    Bloodlust is a powerful Sharpness I Diamond Sword which will gain a higher level of Sharpness when the player gets more kills with it. It will gain an extra level of Sharpness after 1, 3, 6 and 10 kills. Bloodlust cannot be used in an anvil.

    Modular Bow
    The Modular Bow is a new Bow in UHC which provides the user many opportunities in a fights thanks to its 3 modes: Punch, Poison and Lightning.

    Expert Seal
    The Expert Seal is a legendary item which contains the favor if the Gods! Using the Expert Seal will increase the enchantments of every item in the players inventory by 1, and will be consumed in the process - use wisely!

    Hermes' Boots
    Hermes' Boots are a strong pair of Diamond Boots with Protection II, Feather Falling I and Unbreaking II. While equipped, the wearer will feel light on their feet, gaining 10% increased walk speed!

    Barbarian Chestplate
    Handed down from generation to generation, the Barbarian Chestplate is a Protection I Diamond Chestplate filled with years of rage! As a result, the wearer will gain Strength I and Resistance I while wearing this Chestplate.

    New Kit and Kit Changes
    In this update, we have added 1 new kit to UHC as well as made a bunch of balancing changes and tweaks to the rest of the kits - we hope these changes will balance out the kits and make some of the kits more viable to use now.

    New Kit: Trapper
    A new kit has been added to UHC: Trapper. As the name suggests, the Trapper kit revolves around making it easier for the player to make traps to catch and kill unsuspecting enemies with!


    Kit Changes and Balances
    A bunch of changes have been made to Kits in UHC. They are:
    • Ecologist has oak wood and coal removed, but receives 12 sugar cane, 21 vines, and a stone axe with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 at max.
    • Enchanting set has obsidian removed, but receives 18 lapis, and a stone pickaxe with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 at max.
    • Looter receives a stone sword with looting 1 at max.
    • Archery set receives a stone shovel with efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 at max.
    • Horseman has sugar removed, but receives gold horse armor, 2 extra string, and a tamed horse spawn egg at max.
    • Lunch Box has golden carrots removed, but receives 12 carrots, and 2 melon slices at max.
    Other Changes
    On top of the new profession, gameplay changes, and recipes, we have also added 12 new achievements, a new pregame lobby with a fighting arena, made some changes to existing recipes, and fixed some annoying bugs!

    New Pregame Lobby
    We have added a brand new pregame lobby to UHC which you will be able to see now by jumping into a game. The new pregame lobby contains a parkour and a pvp arena for players to fighting while waiting for a game to start, just hop into the lower part of the pregame lobby and begin fighting!


    Apprentice Bow Changes

    We have changed the Apprentice Bow in this update as we felt it wasn't very useful with its current functionality. Now, the Apprentice Bow will gain power levels depending on how much damage you deal with it. Starting with no power, you will gain a power level after dealing 10, 25, 45 and 75 damage. The Apprentice Bow cannot be used in an Anvil.

    Void Box Changes
    We have considerably changed the functionality of Void Box to make it viable to craft in UHC again. Now, when you craft the Void Box, you will get 2 Void Boxes. When you place a Void Box in the world, upon placing the second, you will be teleported back to the first Void Box, and both Void Boxes will be consumed! Players can destroy your Void Box though, rending the second one useless.

    New Achievements
    12 new UHC achievements have been added, for a total of 135 extra Achievement points. They are:
    • Extra Powerful - Craft 3 Extra Ultimates in a single game - 10 points.
    • Elite Prestige - Unlock the Prestige 1 and Prestige 2 upgrade for a profession - 5 points.
    • Ding Ding Ding! - Hit an enemy from 30+ blocks away three times in a row - 10 points.
    • Wrong Mode? - Win a team game while having 100% of the team kills - 10 points.
    • Powerhouse! - Wear Exodus, Dragon Armor, Hide of Leviathan and Seven League Boots at the same time - 15 points.
    • Bloodthirsty - Win a solo game with 15 or more kills - 15 points.
    • Crazy Hardcore - Win an Event Mode UHC - 5 points.
    • Calling upon Thor - Have Axe of Perun and Excalibur in your inventory at the same time - 10 points.
    • OBLITERATE! - Wear all 4 pieces of the Fusion Armor - 20 points.
    • Warming Up - Get 5 kills in the pregame fighting arena - 5 points.
    • Parkour Master - Complete both parkours in the pregame lobby - 5 points.
    • Head Hunter - Eat 10/50/100/250/500/1000 heads in UHC - 5/10/15/20/25 points.
    Some features in the update might not be balanced, so please keep giving us your feedback and we will try to balance new items in the next few days!
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  3. @Nitroholic_ the god back at it again with another great update :3
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    The best change is the underrated prelobby change that looks like fun.
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    Great. More things to make new players keep loosing and make older players keep abusing the newer players with op items. Very cool. NOT. BALANCE THE GAME OUT FOR ONCE
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    Ok dislikes incoming
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  9. Nice, if I played this I'd probably really enjoy these changes but I'm bad at PVP so I'll let the actual playerbase decide if it's good or not.
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  10. Yussssss
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  11. Happy to see Hexxit be introduced to UHC xd Can't wait for the hydra boss to be incorporated.
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  12. Looks sick!
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  13. I don’t really play UHC but this seems cool!
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  14. lmao legit pounds of busted filth and a sword that gets sharp 4 without enchanting
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  15. Pit still exists too.
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  16. Sounds very nice!! Finally a new waiting lobby :D
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  17. Hypee, will for sure be trying this out tomorrow :)
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    Very epic!
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