1. A massive new UHC update has just been released, adding a ton of new content to UHC including new professions, kits and prestige kits, recipes, extra ultimates, balances, bug fixes and more!

    We can't thank the UHC community enough for their help and input on this update. We really enjoyed the feedback and tried to incorporate as much of it as possible when deciding what to do.

    See below for a full list of changes, or play them live on the server right now.​

    ▶ New Lobby
    With this update comes the introduction of a brand new lobby. Much like the other new lobbies, the new UHC lobby includes join NPCs and the new leaderboards for Team/Solo Wins and Kills.


    As you may have noticed we are in the process of updating several lobbies for older games. We want (and need) to do this for several reasons:
    • The new lobby format is fully translatable, which means we can change the language of things in the lobbies for both Hypixel China and non-English languages on the western server
    • Our data shows that newer players find it much easier to navigate and play games with NPCs as opposed to signs. This means new players are more likely to try your favorite older games
    • Changing from signs to NPCs and moving spawn position means on average you get into games faster. It may only be a couple of seconds, but those seconds add up to more time getting kills :D
    • Our new Leaderboard system makes it much easier for us to add new stats / leaderboards, plus is much faster, more scalable and fully translatable
    • Moving the portal farther back from spawn means no more annoying portal noise when idling and chatting
    • More flat terrain means you have more space to use fun lobby cosmetics you have unlocked like Trampolines and Diving Boards
    • Some of our older game lobbies are very old. It's nice to revisit them and fix some small long-standing design issues :)

    ▶ New Kits + Kit Changes
    Some awesome changes have been made to UHC kits, including the addition of 2 brand new kits, price reductions and kit prestige levels.
    We also added a kit selector in the pregame lobby!

    Prestige Kits
    All kits have been upgraded to include a prestige. Once you have fully maxed out a kit, you can unlock the ability to prestige your kit, giving the chance to gain a special prestige item at the beginning of the game. This can range from enchanted iron gear to enchantment books!


    New Kit - Farmer
    Farmer is a crop based kit which provides useful farming items for survival, or which can be useful for brewing and other UHC recipes!


    New Kit - Horseman
    Horseman is a new horse based kit suited to taming and using horses to their maximum potential. Kit items include items useful for taming/riding horses, as well as items useful for horse UHC recipes!


    ▶ New Professions
    2 new professions have been added to UHC, introducing a bunch of new unique recipes which will improve the experience of both new and current players in UHC. See below for a full list.


    New Profession #1: Toolsmithing

    Quick Pick:
    Lumberjack's Axe:

    Enhancement Book:

    New Profession #2: Apprentice


    Apprentice Sword:

    Apprentice Bow:

    Master's Compass:

    ▶ New Extra Ultimates

    We've added 4 new Extra Ultimates to the game, available to purchase after completing professions. See below for the full list.

    Shoes of Vidar


    Potion of Vitality

    When throwing this potion on yourself, gain the positive effects. When throwing this potion on an enemy they gain the negative effects.

    Miner’s Blessing

    ▶ Balance Changes + Bug Fixes

    General Changes
    • You can now view the recipe of items you haven't unlocked in the recipe book
    • Recipe book has been added to the lobby via the shop and Recipe NPC
    • Attacking a player will color their name yellow in tab, making it easy to tell who is on their team or what their health is
    • Explosions will now instantly kill Daredevil, and 5 bones will be dropped
    • Kit items will now appear first on your hotbar, then the recipe book and compass
    • The border now begins to shrink when PvP enables
    • The Weekly Quest now requires 20 kills but no win
    • The price of all kit upgrades have been cut in half
    • The price of the first 8 upgrades of each profession (including 2nd and 3rd recipe) have been reduced by half
    • Removed player count of 20 or below reducing the timer until deathmatch
    • Game durations have been altered:
      • Solo -> 45 minutes (not including deathmatch time)
      • Teams -> 55 minutes (not including deathmatch time)
    • Extreme hills and other rare biomes (excluding Jungles) are now more common
    • Skeletons can now only drop 1 or 2 bones
    • Skeletons and Zombies now have a 10% chance to drop their heads. These heads can not be consumed for healing or used as a replacement for a playerhead
    • Creepers can only drop 1 gunpowder
    • Blazes can only drop 1 blaze rod
    • Zombie Pigmen now only drop 1 or 2 golden ingots
    • Ghasts have a 15% chance to drop a Ghast Tear when killed
    • Sheep now drop Raw Mutton instead of Porkchop
    • Craftable Regeneration Potions are disabled
    • Reduce Blaze spawn rates outside of Nether Fortresses by 50%
    • Feeding baby horses sugar now turns them into adults
    • Shearing Sheep gives 1 - 3 Wool and 33% chance of dropping 1 String
    • The Fortune enchantment is removed from the enchanting table
    Crafted Items
    • Artemis Bow (1 Craft)
      • New Recipe:
    • Exodus (1 Craft)
      • Gains Unbreaking III
    • Chest of Fate (1 Craft)
      • Absorption V (1:45)
      • Speed I (00:45) ➟ Speed II (00:30) ➟ Speed III (00:15)
        • This potion applies an increased speed effect as time goes on and the original effects hit 00:00, this stops after Speed III’s duration has run out.
    • Excalibur (1 Craft)
      • New Recipe:
      • [​IMG]
      • Explosion Damage set to 4 true damage (5 second cooldown)
      • Survivalism’s Perk no longer protects against Excalibur’s explosion damage
    • Daredevil (1 Craft)
      • Speed reduced from 85% of max speed to 80%
      • Now blows up into a pile of bones when damaged by an explosion
    • Axe of Perun (1 Craft)
      • Reverted to a Diamond Axe (Set 4.5 Attack Damage)
      • Gains Unbreaking I
      • Lightning Strike Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds
    • Hide of Leviathan (1 Craft)
      • Now has Respiration III instead of V
    • Tablets of Destiny (1 Craft)
      • Gains Protection IV
      • Fire Aspect II ➟ Fire Aspect I
      • Punch I removed
    • The Book of Thoth (1 Craft)
      • Will now have Protection III, Sharpness II, Punch I and Power I
    • Kings Rod (1 Craft)
      • Gives 3 golden nuggets along with every catch.
      • Change to lure 5 and luck 10
      • Displays health on hitting enemies
    • Death’s Scythe (1 Craft)
      • Removes 20% of the enemies health upon hit and restores 25% of the damage dealt
    • Flask of Cleansing
      • New recipe:[​IMG]
    • Essence of Yggdrasil (1 craft)
      • Doesn’t give experience bottles
      • In teams gives 15 levels to user and 8 levels to teammates
      • In solo it gives 30 levels to the user
    • Dice of God (1 craft)
      • Changed Dice of God to select randomly from a list of 6 items. All items or events are unique and can only be obtained through the Dice of God. Play to find out what!
    Vanilla Changes

    • Glistering Melon
      • New Recipe:[​IMG]
    • Enchanted Golden Apple (Unlimited Crafts)
      • Effects given are reverted to its original release state. When consumed it provides:
      • Regeneration V (0:30)
      • Absorption I (2:00)
      • Resistance I (5:00)
      • Fire Resistance (5:00)
    • Bow & String Repair (Unlimited Uses)[​IMG]
      • This allows for bows to be repaired by string rather than requiring an entirely new bow. Each string is equivalent to 128 durability on the bow.
    Potion Balancing
    • Regen Potions
      • Disabled - no longer craftable normally.
    • Speed Potions
      • Returned to Vanilla values.
    • Instant Health Potions
      • Instant Health I : + 4 Health
      • Instant Health II : + 8 Health
    • Poison Potions
      • Poison I (Splash) : 00:33 seconds
      • Poison II (Splash) : 00:05 seconds
    Wither Boss Changes
    • Withers have increased damage
    • Wither skulls do not give the Wither effect on hit
    • Weaponsmithing
      • Vorpal Sword has now Looting I
    • Alchemy
      • Nectar: Add 2 seconds to the duration
    • Enchanting
      • Book of Thoth: Removed Fire Aspect I and Punch I
    • Hunter
      • Fenrir: Added Strength II (+ 100% damage)
      • Potion of Velocity : 12 second splash potion
        • Gives full duration no matter how it is splashed
        • Only works on person who throws it
    • Bloodcrafting
      • Panacea: Now is Instant Health V
      • Cupid’s Bow: Power II from Power I
      • Pandora’s Box: Changes as in image[​IMG]
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where players could clear the item name for damaged items when they should not have been able to
    • Fixed an issue where water and lava in deathmatch formed blocks
    • Fixed an issue where only 1 Fenrir would spawn at the start of deathmatch
    • Fixed a bug where Dice of God would sometimes give no items
    • Fixed inconsistent recipes in lobby Recipe Book
    • Fixed an issue where Yggdrasil would give 2 enchanting tables
    • Fixed incorrect Philosophers Pickaxe durability
    • Fixed /who showing spectators/dead players/teams
    • Fixed deathmatch arena blocks burning, allowing players to reach areas where they cannot be attacked
    • Fixed Deus not being craftable after failing the first craft due to having half a heart

    We sincerely hope you enjoy all this new content, and we look forward to updating even more games soon. Please report any bugs you find in the Bug Reports forum! :)
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  2. Thanks for the update! Also listening to the feedback of the players and the amount of work put into this by the HPC and admins is greatly apprectiated. :)
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    and i love the soul eater reference
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    Finally! Great work admins and player council!
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  8. Thanks so much for listening to the community's feedback upon update proposal. You guys really respected our thoughts :).
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  9. Hype!
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  10. Darn it. The NPCs in the screenshot are too far away to see, and I'm not allowed to download Minecraft on school computers to see it myself.

    Also, I know nothing about UHC, so I won't comment on any of the changes.
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  11. You guys did really great with this. Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read our feedback and really give attention to the community's ideas!:). Hype!
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    Thanks for update. I can finally win. well maybe not but I can hope
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    Hype for that UHC update :eek: Can't wait to try it out! :D
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  20. Good update but the lobby is awful
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