1. There might not be much because they are still ALL THE SAME, but there are a few ones I did not do.

    Joke Houses

    It is just a bunch of 10 year olds who think penises are funny. Grow up.

    Goddamn it. More RPs. Except this is based off some cringy Minecraft roleplay videos on YouTube. The only thing I like about this is that they respect your opinion. (Sometimes)

    My Street RP
    This one is just some 12 year olds playing some RP that is just in a town with more houses floating over the first layer.

    Minecraft and FNaF do not mix. Little kids cannot accept your opinions (and believe me, I tested). And besides, FNaF died a long time ago.

    It is like FNaFRP, Minecraft and Undertale do not mix and little kids cannot accept your opinions. Sometimes, they even mix the alternate universes with the main version.

    This is just the same thing as all the rest.

    Our generation is f***ed.

    SkinComp (PART II)
    It takes forever to start a new game, and this game is so overrated that it is not fun. And considering the fact that custom made skins always lose, they should atleast make a rule that says "Custom made skins only" because the person who always wins just downloads a skin from skindex. I bet even the owners have downloaded skins.

    Parkour (PART II)
    Most of them are the same themes, and going through all that hard work to just get RES? And I have actually been to a parkour that says "Win=CO!" and I was like "hell yeah!" And about 40 levels in, I heard that when you get CO, you can only fly. What the f***.

    Maze (PART II)
    These housings are rare, and I am a little sad that they are not as popular. But, if they do get viral, they will just turn into the same thing, and there will be that one guy that ruins everything "GUYS! The exit is this way!"

    Wolfs VS. Humans (PART II)
    Little kid furries made a RP. And they don't even use full on wolf skins! They wear this half wolf half human skins and it just looks really, really g**.

    W.I.P Houses
    If they are a W.I.P, then why the hell did you post them?

    AdoptionRP (PART II)
    These things are super unoriginal. And the babies have full grown hair already because I guess the players playing the roles do not want to look "ugly".

    The owners are just straight up stupid. They give you CO, no questions asked. It is their fault if they get griefed.

    Now, here are suggestions.


    Same concept of W.I.P. If you don't want people to join, then DON'T F***ING POST IT.

    Truth or Dare
    This is pretty much a spinoff of PromRP. And the chat is just REALLY CRINGY, (I was originally gonna put a Kurt Cobain reference, but that is way too offensive.) "I dare you to kiss (insert some player name here)" Gross.

    PromRP (PART II)
    Sure, this is just roleplay, but Hypixel has made rules about no dating, and I am pretty sure I saw some real daters on here. And if it was just roleplay, it can just be really disturbing. Here is a example I put in my video (may kill ears):

    Freebuild (PART II)
    When a griefer joins, everyone is like "OWNERS THERE IS SOMEBODY GRIEFING!" The owners then say "Who is it?" It is like they are distracting because they are too lazy to do it. And when they finally ban him, most of everything is griefed.

    Hypixel's Got Talent
    You wait in a line for a few minutes, and you finally get on stage. Everyone has the same talent, like Parkour and "Singing". If you do one of those, you make it in. So technically, it isn't having "talent".

    Some sexist girls that think they are better than boys. Great, all we need is feminists.

    This is the same thing as Highschool. I went to one where some Twilight fans made some weird cave dorm thing.

    If you want to see the first part, here is the link: https://hypixel.net/threads/types-of-hypixel-housings-continuing.1488702/
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    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Old housing xD I don’t see those house often nowadays, but I don’t play housing that much
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    Please no
  5. Too late.
  6. You forgot the Free ban house : You join = you get ban
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    • Truth or Dare
    • Proms & Highschools
    • Free Builds
  8. Hypixel’s got talent, GIRLS ONLY, CollegeRP and The Floor Is Lava
  9. Some actual nice builds which get no attention
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  10. There are only very few unique houses which are very hard to find.
  11. wAiT sO yOU mEan To saY tHeY aREn't?

    build battle
  12. (the parkour is supposed to be the fun bit)

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