1. I have always thought that before receiving a mute, a player would get a warning. I was very recently muted for 14 days with no warning. I'm not even sure what I said that was against the rules. Also, I though a majority of mutes only lasted an hour to a day? Please correct me if i'm wrong.
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  2. I recommend you remove that number. Anyway, Hypixel for their reasons does not reveal information on when and why you were punished except for the tautologous phrase: "For breaking the rules". I recommend you appeal for your mute here, though I do not think you will achieve anything.
  3. At times, depending on the severity of the offence, the punishment will go directly to a mute. If you were warned previously, even a few days ago, that warning may still be active and thus will be issued for the second offence.
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  4. Maybe just be kind next time and ignore all the negativity and toxicity to avoid a mute? :)
  5. Why you assure he got muted because he was toxic?
  6. He could have been racist, sexually provocative, discriminatory... all sorts of things go into mutes. Not just toxicity. Even then, the staff rarely mute for toxicity unless it is to an extreme extent.
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