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  1. Take in consideration that a lot of money coming from the server is to found the standalone game and is not reinjected in the server.
    I feel like the standalone game just ate all ressources and avoid the server to grow a lot in term of admins, updates and bug fixes.
    I also feel that people who donate to support the server are kinda scammed as the money is not all used to support the server, but to finance anoher project.
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  2. oThomas

    oThomas Well-Known Member

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    59 pages to tell the admins that it was a bad update.
    And they wont ever react L
    Selfish idiots.
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  3. You clearly weren't listening.

    And this conversation is pretty much over. Dont expect a reply if you bother to comment.
  4. Fletch

    Fletch Active Member

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    Hey @MineThatCube, the money that sources the (standalone) game production comes from investors and potential partners, as stated here;
    Also if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a message that reads:
    If this was not true it would most likely be removed or changed.
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  5. 0lafe

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    what's the conclusion?
  6. The classic section is not "classic" its a grave.
    Blitz, mega walls, and tnt games are all older than turbo cart racers.
    So don't BS the community about this section.
    Honestly I have no motivation to play anything on the server because the compass annoys me that much.
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  7. ikr, and then they say they didn't kill these games when there is clear proof, I can see why they tried it but it clearly isn't working out and @Hypixel adding a lobby isn't gonna magically restore 80% or 50% of the player count, for TKR it would have to restore almost 100% since tkr gets 0 players sometimes
  8. Hypixel is becoming more than just a minecraft server. What's wrong with them wanting to do more projects for us to enjoy?
    Besides, while the server may be financing the standalone game at this moment, it could as well be the other way around in a couple of years. I believe in a Q&A they said that their main goal is to make players happy, and that profit is just something that comes with it.
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  9. Stonewall_64

    Stonewall_64 Active Member

    Then act like it!

    And if they're supposedly updating the old games, the "classics" I can't wait to see my brand spanking new walls update hahahah SIKE
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  10. For us? or for themselves? most of ppl that play Hypixelmc may not like the standalone game, becasue it's not mc and maybe not a style of game that they like, using their money to finance the game(@Fletch , not all the money come from potential partners, you need at least a base to start.) instead of hiring dev for the server is not having project for us...

    Ofc they say they want to make people happy, saying otherwise will just be suicide, but we all know it's a lie, look at big companies around here, do they say that they're in for the money?? no they told you that all they want is your hapiness....
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  11. Sixty pages of hate (Plus however many were in the previous thread) in less than a week. All things considered, that's pretty impressive.
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  12. bye Hypixel, im quiting this crap, -1 player from Hypixel server that they wouldnt even care about anyway
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  13. Levery

    Levery Well-Known Member

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  14. At last, someone else finally gets it! Preach this to every corner of Hypixel the truth!
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  15. Do you have anything from the walls in mind you'd want to see them update?

    I assume they'd love to make their own game, as they are doing now. So I guess it's in part for themselves (Do you think that's wrong?) but that doesn't mean they don't want to make a nice game for us to enjoy.

    They haven't even released a trailer yet, so I'm not sure about that.

    If you payed a regular game company for a game, (or for cosmetic items) you wouldn't be surprised if they used the money to make other games as well, rather than just update their current one. As said on the store: "Any contributions or purchases made on this store goes to the Hypixel Development Team, also known as the registered business Hypixel Inc."

    Big companies are machines designed to maximize profit. I'm pretty sure Simon (hypixel) and maybe Rezzus fully own the company and they have a big enough budget and also a large fan base. The only reason why they would to make profit their number one priority is if they just wanted the money, and if they where just being greedy why would Simon not even pay himself for months as I've quoted?

    Let me add a quote from crypt:
    You can view his full comment >here<.

    Quick edit about hypixel owning his own company: at a Canadian government website it said the company had 2 directors, Simon and one other person, I assume rezzus. It also said hypixel was a "Non-distributing corporation", which I assume means they don't sell any shares (as I expected). I guess most people kinda already knew this was the case, but it's just to reinforce my point about them not having a need to make maximum profit their top priority.
  16. Stonewall_64

    Stonewall_64 Active Member

    Go to walls forums, one of the pinned threads is what we want from an update. It's 18-19 pages, and codename said we'd get one "soon" around 4 months ago
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  17. Been hiring devs for weeks now for Minecraft and have been doing interviews for days.
    It is not easy to convince people to drop their job to work for a Minecraft server as you can imagine, hard to take seriously until they see what we are doing.
    Oh and the Minecraft server has a bigger budget than the game so you can stop panicking, almost twice as big. There's simply a shortage of good developers that are willing to work on Minecraft as a whole that fits our standards.

    Keep in mind Minecraft is not owned by us, any changes they do could make us lose a lot of players (pvp changes for example)... so it would not be very smart of us to put our eggs in the same basket and let the future of our company be decided by "strangers". Top it up with limited communications and road maps given to us.

    If it wasn't for the standalone game we are working on, a lot of our team members would have left the company to get more secure jobs - for example Noxy left Riot Games to come back work on our stand alone game and managed to get us a lot of new developers for Minecraft along the way.

    The truth is, we have been working hard on this server for years and despite Minecraft's decline we are doing very well - we are actually growing faster than Minecraft on PC. Every small and big decisions we have made led us here... a lot of stories we can't tell yet and when we can will make you realize a lot of things.

    I know you probably don't care about our game, because you haven't seen it, but once you do, you will not be disappointed.
    It also allows us to keep working hard on our Minecraft server, with a focus of players instead of money, because we want a lot of players and have them trust us for the future of the company, we are in for the long run. Our game does not have P2W features, you simply buy the game and that's it.

    To go back on the topic of compass, we got a lot of interesting data in the past week and we will be taking actions to help the current issue.
    You guys have been quite hostile in the last few pages - however the result was actually quite positive to the general health of players - at the expenses of these games of course. So it is not a simple decision as we want to move forward.

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  18. Dusklord

    Dusklord Well-Known Member

    The past few decisions the team has made on the network have been extremely poor. All you're doing is digging your own grave. At this point you might as well just blatantly admit that your idea with the classics was to discard the old games slowly, and later blame the low playercount to remove them or discontinue them. Clearly, it's not a separation of classics, because you didn't include all of the classics. It's a graveyard, and a corpse is what every game in there will be- slowly rotting away until you say that you have no choice but to discard it...
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  19. Results of these "so called bad decisions" are showing improved retention, playercount increase globally and higher rating feedback on new player experience.
    The downside is; angry communities of these games, harder to complete quests because games not starting.

    As I've said in the past, this is not the final solution, we are actively trying to balance it out.
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  20. That's a pretty fair answer from the main man himself, well said Simon.
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