1. No, multiple of the same talisman with reforges will not stack. not sure if a talisman, ring and artifact in the same collection will stack
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  2. Chest mobs are zealots holding ender chests. They can be found in the dragons nest but are pretty rare. when killed they will drop some extra loot (ench e-pearls, ench endstone, end armour) not sure what else they can drop.
    Sry couldnt get screenshot
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  3. Talisman, ring and artifact in the same collection stack! The effects (good for the potion affinity for example) and the stats of the reforges
  4. x2Waldo

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    Are the fairy souls a must ?
  5. SKDemon

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    Why is Godly/Zealous better than itchy for common and uncommon? It has a little bit more crit CHANCE, but Itchy has a lot more crit DAMAGE. It seems like if you had to choose between a little more chance or a lot more damage, you would choose the latter.
  6. Get enchanted glowstone instead, way easier.
  7. not sure but they can be helpful because they give strength. Its worth grinding souls anyway because they will increase your base stats by a lot
  8. The whole point of this is to 1 shot zealots, you need to crit to be doing that. if you have no talisman with crit chance reforges then your crit chance will be about 50% and you dont want to be 1 shotting zealots half the time.
    If you think that your crit chance is already high enough then you can convert some of your common/un-common talisman to itchy
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  9. Can you get 2 of the same talismans and reforge them and still get same bonuses?
  10. No, they wont stack
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  11. Trippe

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    So im a little confused, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11mAlWdyf3PtBNgI0YkzsDmHFgL7tp47fkcxdrXjdRjE/edit?usp=sharing they are the talismans that I have equiped but i just cant seem to hit that 13k most I've hit so far is 10.3k with pots.
    I have godly ender armor with maxed AOTE but I cant seem to hit it. If i could get some tips on how to hit it that would be grand.
  12. Why are all of your talisman reforged itchy? the common/uncommons should be godly/zealous for more crit chance
  13. I used Leaping sword with full unpleasant ender set, 100 Crit damage, around 250% Crit damage, max hot potato books, and around 180 strength (probably less). I do 13079 Crit damage to zealots. I’ll have exact amounts when i get home though
  14. not all his talismen are reforged itchy, only rare and epic are.
  15. MoscaCareca

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    300k down the drain reforging
  16. I have max aote and i have 277 strength, 94% crit chance and 255% crit damage but i just deal 8008 damage lol
  17. Sadly sharpness get nerfed really hard lol, so now is harder to one tap zealots with aote
  18. iCr1tikal

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    Well now this is completely useless
  19. This post didn’t age well
  20. Yeah, now with Godly Strong, level 23 combat and all talismans but Ender Artifact and Bait Ring, I deal 13008 with no hpbs AoTE no pots
    This thread is useless now for 99% of player so let it die

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