1. (Update: Now with a calculator! https://hypixel.net/threads/wip-spreadsheet-how-to-one-tap-zealots-v2-0.2250831/

    How to deal +13k damage to Zealots consistently, you will need:
    • A maxed AotE, this does NOT include Ender Slayer VI or Hot potato books, so if you don't have those, you are still good to go. (This guide mainly focus on AotE but similar swords aka Golem Sword will do the job) 2019-08-12_16.11.48.png
    • Ender armor, this set is a must. It's hability allows to have x2 defense or HP but also doubles your reforge stats
    • Potion: Critical III and Strenght V (this may be expensive for some, but it's worth it)
    • A ton of talismans, I have 30ish but with less you will also be able to one tap them (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TuVmc7-K7JUi0bkbS-czxe4rhOVpH7bWyv6LkAweNw8/edit?usp=sharing big thanks to Megit for his spreadsheet)
    • A high combat skill (I'm 20 but at lower levels is also doable)
    • All fairy souls or at least 160
    To describe reforge stats, I'm going to use this format: Strength - Crit Chance - Crit Damage
    So a 3 4 6 is +3 strenght, +4 crit chance and +6 crit damage

    To start off, the stats I have when fully geared are 210 - 96 - 310
    And when naked, 114 - 75 - 154 (this includes all the talismans)

    First, get Spicy on the sword, its the best reforge (Legendary is good too)

    Then, to make this cheap, go to reforge the armor, we will reforge the talismans based on what we get on the armor. But to reforge the armor we need to get it! I got the 4 pieces from Zealots holding enderchests, I'm not sure if you can get pieces from all Endermans.

    The reforges we are looking for are Godly (7 3 6) or Strong (7 0 7). You can get 2 godly and 2 strong, or all strong or whatever, it doesn't matter. (Edit: Actually, godly is better but I’m full Strong because it is more common than godly. If you don’t have high combat level or a lot of talismans, you should try to go for full Godly as it will allow you to get more Itchy talismans

    Then, go to the end and look at your crit chance, and add +20% to that (from the crit III pot)
    You will be like in the margin 50-80.
    Also, look at the crit damage, you should be between 150 and 200

    Your goal now is to increase the damage via talismans, but also make a lot of criticial attacks. If you have enough talismans, go for Zealous/Godly in Common and Uncommon talismans, and go for Itchy in Rare and Epic. If you dont manage to get to 13k, change some common/uncommon to itchy, till you hit 13k!

    If you don't have enough talismans, I recommend you to spend a day farming them, I have recipe for most of them (not feather and potion artifacts), so hit me up if you need a craft.

    To brew Strenght V: Awkward Pot + Enchanted Blaze Powder (2.5 stacks of blaze rods) + Enchanted Glowstone.
    Brewing pots it's tedious and if you die you lose all the buffs! I strongly recommend going for a zombie sword to heal yourself using 70 Mana, useful when grinding eyes, and a must for dragon fights
    Potion Affinity talismans are a great addon, and remember: you can stack the effect and the reforges or talisman/ring/artifact of the same collection!

    PS: There is a benefit aside the one tapping using this build. You may not notice it soon, but its really really good
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  2. Nice going to try this!
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  3. Jiro7

    Jiro7 Active Member

    LastHope HOPE
    Any advice on how to get the Strength 5 pots easily? I just can't seem to be able to get enchanted blaze powder
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  4. I only have 1 piece of the Ender Armor though will it still work?
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  5. Blaze minions do a great job, and it's 2.5 stacks of blaze rods for 3 pots. It's worth, your wrists will apreciate it xD
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  6. I'm sorry but I dont think so );
    You will 2 shoot em for sure, and then, when you get the other pieces, 1 shot
  7. Which would be better though aspect of the end or golem sword?
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  8. If my math is correct, aspect is 250 and golem is 247,5 "points", so pretty much equal
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  9. Hey xBugzilla, can you please make a list of the talismans you have? That would help a lot. :)
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  10. menso

    menso Well-Known Member

    Will str4 do the job
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  11. Can this work with Golem sword
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  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...uJAhY2vAzj620Y/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true#

    I’m missing the ender artifact (and these used to go for 400k in ah), the haste ring, the potion artifact, the sea creature artifact, the healing ring and the fish bait

    It’s very annoying having 1/4 of the inv taken for “““useless””” items but worth
  13. If you have a lot of talismans and full godly maybe yes
  14. Sure!
  15. What talismans do you have? You said you have “over 30”, but which ones are they?
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  16. V1zo

    V1zo Active Member

    Melon Squad MELON
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  17. Ofc not u need as many double reforges as possible
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  18. How do you unlock crit pots?
  19. in gravel u cant miss it

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