1. Awesome ! :D
  2. I'd like to give a massive thanks to everyone in the community for helping with this update - this wouldn't have been possible without you! :)

    One of the few remaining players from the snaking days, they've contributed the majority of the QoL and balancing tweaks, as well as starting the idea for a Grand Prix, and creating many other amazing threads which we couldn't even fit most of into this update.

    Pretty much carried this project, and contributed to about 2/3 of karts, helmets, and suits, as well as effectively acting as a co-manager. She's been there contributing to ideas and the proposal document the whole way through the update, and tbh without her I would never have been able to put the time in to get all of the community's ideas organised for this update.

    Joined the project four days before deadline, but has worked just as hard and on just as many cosmetics as Neoh, and was able to polish every single kart we weren't happy with.

    The person who started the large group of creators in TKR, and was the first to start putting out kart designs - along with Neoh he was one of the two that was designing cosmetics before we even knew about the update.

    Essentially managed the project, maintaing the spreadsheet (and master doc) as well as integrating the cosmetics into GP, and keeping in touch with you to make sure we're on the right track. Also edited some minor designs in karts, and made a set of suit icons.

    Joined right near the end, but was able to fully design a new suit model within a day, as well as make a full set of suit icons for it. They should probably get points for being an inspiration to artists on Hypixel too. :p

    Joined the project very late, but still contribute one of our favourite helmets.

    Was working on a suit design, but unfortunately couldn't finish it before deadline.

    Got the ball rolling on helmets, and contributed design ideas, as well as making 3 helmets themselves.

    @Creeper_Cheetah, @TheGamingDino:
    Offered many ideas when we were discussing the update on the discuss, including several that are implemented into our proposal.

    Developed the TKRS mod, which has been a huge asset in determining the correct balances tweaks planned in our proposal - as well as creating a path for features from there mod to be implemented into the game.

    Transitioned the update process after the Quake update had finished, and worked with us to collect ideas until the project was handed over to Jon.

    Worked with the community to get our ideas passed to the devs, and stuck with us even when we had completely opposite opinions on some issues. While the people made the content happen, you literally made it possible to be in the game at all, so a massive thank you for sticking with us, and all the work you've done!

    Actually developed the update - I think that's enough said tbh! I've seen some of the mess that is classic code before, and I can only begin to appreciate the incredible amount of effort that must've gone into not only editing what's already in the game, but also fixing an insane number of bugs and implementing many entirely new mechanics!

    I think we all know this one - and although I'm not aware if it's been officially started, you seem to be managing the classic updates. I want to make a note of these being one of, if not the best updates for all of the classic games that have already received their update - and at least the best in several years. They've been handled excellently and professionally, and have given us all hope for our games. :)

    And a massive thank you to everyone who's in the TKR community Discord server,
    for contributing their ideas and replying to polls! It's thanks to you that we can make this update for everyone to enjoy, not just the 3/4 of us that were working on ideas before. :D
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  3. Velt

    Velt Well-Known Member

    omggg this is like waking up on christmas morninggggg
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  4. Here I am racing to work only to discover the long over-due TKR update is here! If only rush hour traffic was as fast as TKR's races.

    The Hypixel team has done it again! Amazing job!
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  5. Hey look games getting incentives to play them that DON'T attract cheaters
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  6. Glozed

    Glozed Member

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  7. Mega hype ty big papi
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  8. Woooohoooo!
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  9. Hyyyype!
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  10. How to revive a gamemode 101
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  11. Zytherios

    Zytherios Active Member

    Oh my gawd I really like this update, there is just soo many new things added I might have to give this a try :eek:
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  12. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    It fills everyday, tf you on about
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  13. iElena

    iElena Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Finally old games is getting updates after people complained and getting mad about BedWars got an update
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  15. Englo

    Englo Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Looking Forward too it! ;):cool:
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  16. Incendo

    Incendo Well-Known Member

    I'm in my mums car.. Vroom vroom.
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  17. Ambivert

    Ambivert Well-Known Member

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  18. Ranked sw except it's in TKR and 1 week
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  19. Fuyumi

    Fuyumi Well-Known Member

    something I never though I'd see lol
    Good to see older games given some new life, and not just having attention being poured into saltwars
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  20. Oh my goooooood :eek:

    Time to get my leaderboard spot back :D
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