1. That would be interesting.
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  2. You've already got killaura built into the game though. :/ You just need to keep clicking.

    (That's probs something to add to the thread too)
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  3. This update is great!
    I'm glad that you can't accidentally use all of your mushrooms at once anymore.

    Although I don't like the point system.
    It can be really hard to get in the top three if there are enough people racing that play tkr all the time.
    And losing points for placing under 4th is way too harsh, you can get hit right before the end and lose about 5 spots.

    Getting hit by a snowball or missile on a launch pad and falling down to a previous part of the track,
    is a heavy setback, and I don't really like it.

    Other than that, I really like the update.

    P.S.: The "speed boosts clipping you through walls" thing, is a pretty bad bug.
  4. Adopt

    Adopt Active Member

    feels bad
    agreed with the p.s.
  5. @DarkiusMC How does your pack reduce TKR lag? What's different in it from the normal pack? My lag always spikes in TKR, thanks
  6. It moves the models from the blocks folder to the items folder. It means all blocks load as the default MC models instead of the much more detailed TKR models. (But in game, it looks no different.)
  7. Yes
  8. i dont like turbo kart racers tbh..

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