1. Hi guys! This is just a random thread about duels. So let me explain what it is.

    Duels is about you duel, like for example 1 vs 1 but just fighting instead. Its pretty popular in minecraft and a lot of other games like Roblox and Fortnite.

    Minecraft Duels is you take a kit like UHC or NoDebuff and then you fight. There is also other Duel modes like Skywars duels and stuff. When you take a kit and challenged another player, you basically get put into a arena or something else.

    And duels is pretty popular on hypixel as well!
    Hoped this helped
    - TubiGamingDK
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  2. Perhaps the worst explanation of duels ever, bad grammar, incorrect statements, a kit like UHC? The fuxk are you talking about.
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  3. What
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  4. iSilas

    iSilas New Member

    you should get how duels work as soon as you join a game also literally everyone these days knows what a 1v1 is
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  5. Are you trying to get pinned? lol
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  6. wtf

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  7. Timbuktu10

    Timbuktu10 Well-Known Member

    although i barely understand what this thread means, i’ll give my two cents. for those of you who are familiar with competitive super smash brothers, you may understand the neutral and punish game. i think these concepts apply to pvp in minecraft too. neutral essentially means who can get the first hit while punish means who can convert the most off of it and get the best combo
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  8. Thanks for all the nice replys :)
  9. you know this a joke thread right... i am bad at english..
  10. nah m8 im not.
  11. its a joke thread... and idk what to post so i posted this... ik everyone knows these days what a 1v1 is... im not dumb.
  12. iSilas

    iSilas New Member

    then at least post something that gives a chance for a porper discussion and dont shitpost
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  13. OkKidd

    OkKidd Member

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  14. you made it like you’re a serious 7 year old
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  15. Makes sense... thanks for your feedback
  16. k
  17. as i said i was bad at english and punctuation.. Thanks for your feedback
  18. if its a joke thread, make it sound like you want to be funny. im not saying your grammar is bad, im saying you sound like an innocent 7 year old that wants to make a forum post he thinks will be helpful.
  19. i didnt want to, but i try to be funny.
  20. Oh nononononononononononononono.

    Duels is a very toxic, sweaty community filled to the brim with hackers and gvg warfare. It is dying. A block game has never been more complicated.
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