1. IT: Non è molto ma è un lavoro onesto ;)

    EN: it ain't much but it's honest work
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  2. Awesome, can't wait to learn the skyblock language :D!
  3. Can u reply my conservation please?
    Sylent I need ur help
  4. Maronn finalmente dopo anni che aiuto a tradurre hanno aggiunto l'italiano gg.
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  5. Ad essere sincero, ho pensato che fosse già stato aggiunto, spettacoli quanto io attenzione. :p
  6. GoogleOffline

    GoogleOffline Active Member

    Still waiting for Hindi even though im not even indian
  7. Great work, good to see more accessibility for foreign players coming
  8. Carbo

    Carbo New Member

  9. Very nice work guys! Very nice to see more work on skyblock.
  10. when will the Finnish language
  11. Sedoardo

    Sedoardo Member

  12. Being Italian, this is so nice, my language gets ignored in almost every international service, but you guys did it, you are amazing!
  13. Nice but where the frick is battle pass season 2

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