1. cool
  2. Thank you (謝謝)<3
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  3. When HypixelNetwork has a translator in brazilian

    The Macacos (Brazilians) right now
  4. hypixel translators rise up!<3
  5. Add the arabic language it's not hard to translate:)
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  6. It was china before lol
    I literally spammed sylent to get it to Hong Kong :p
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  7. I wish i could help translate greek but it hasnt been added yet!Looking forward to new languages being added :D
  8. glad to see my language is now available on hypixel!
  9. Wow this is pretty neat.
  10. Nice but I thought chinese players are only able to play on chypixel due to governmental internet restrictions so is this meant for chinese speaking players who currently live in other countries?
  11. 2Fat2FlyHack

    2Fat2FlyHack Active Member

  12. seamusdean

    seamusdean Active Member

    Nice to see new language support, I know some players have been requesting Chinese traditional recently
  13. That’s very nice!
  14. Good job! ;)
  15. good to see globals coming in
  16. good to see globals coming in
  17. Great to see more languages on here!
  18. I can translate your server to Greek. Its not going to be easy but if you are interested to translate your server to Greek I can help with that
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