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    Please post your trade offers and/or auctions like a market where you can list your items.
    Please follow the following format:


    Location: ie. hub 15 by the map
    Auction: ie. /ah Daesy for enchanted diamonds

    Trading services

    How do our services work?

    We provide middle man services for people selling items for coins where one party would normally have to go first.
    We have trusted reps the seller can give the item to to be held in escrow until buyer bids on the sellers item. When proof is sent of the bid or the seller confirms, then our middle man can release the item to the buyer.

    Please rep our middleman on this forum post if they successfully help you with a trade.
    ie. +1 @deernectar for helping me buy an aspect of the end

    1) Seller trades Trusted Middle Man the item.
    2) Buyer bids on a random item in seller's ah for the agreed upon price
    3) Seller confirms bid has been placed
    4) Middle Man trades the item to the Buyer
    5) Rep the middle man if the trade is successful

    List of our Reputable Members
    Number of players reps will be listed.

    Forums: @deernectar
    Ign: Tryppie
    Received Reps: 209
    Forums: @Bluestar12
    Ign: Bluestar12
    Received Reps: 135
    Forums: @Scorchey
    Ign: Metick
    Received Reps: 53
    Forums: @distinctish
    Ign: distinctish
    Received Reps: 40
    Forums: @Luccccc
    Ign: oLuc
    Received Reps: 35
    Forums: @kezty
    Ign: uwubashus
    Received Reps: 50
    Forums: @DipstikPinez
    Ign: DipstikPinez
    Received Reps: 26

    Important Information

    Make sure you are trading with the correct person, use the /trade IGN command instead of shift clicking.

    All of the middlemen above are reputable, meaning they have been repped in our Discord server more than 20 times for providing a service and being trusted with materials/crafted items. This is what the “reps” above means.

    If you are scammed by one of our middleman and have proof we will fully reimburse you up to 2M coins and the middleman will be banned from our discord.

    More Middlemen will be added in the future. If you would like to become a Middlemen you can receive this by joining our Discord, and crafting for players in the #crafts-and-transfers channel, then asking them to rep you using the pinned format. There are 7 different reputable roles you can receive based on the amount of reps you have.

    SkyBlockZ Crafting Service Thread

    SkyBlockZ Price Guide and Price Check Thread

    You are NOT required to join the SkyblockZ Discord Server Community, but if you want to, feel free!

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  2. Great post, hopefully no one will get scammed, but no one will ever know for sure. It’s sure a weight off our chests knowing that even if we get scammed, we will be reimbursed for our losses.
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  3. mmm very cool and nice and tasty
  4. IGN Dracos_
    Looking for: Divers chestplate
    Trading: coins, diamonds, other items
  5. IGN: Aye_UwU
    Looking for : enchanted emerald block
    offer: 200k per each
    not at home rn , reply to me if u want to sell
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  6. IGN: Bluestar12
    Buying: Enchanted Cobblestone, Enchanted Lava, or Solar Panels.
    Giving: 215k coins per elava/solar and 210k for every 7 stacks of ecobble (30k for a stack).
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  7. IGN: YeetNidsKidsReee
    Looking For: Enchanted porkchop/ spooder eyes/ bones/ coal/ redstone/gunpowder
    Selling: Silver Fangs, every level 1 minion except flower, hurricane bows, super compactors, golem sword and armor,creeper pants, zombie hearts, skeleton helm, guardian chestplate, spider boots, hot potato books, jungle axe, savannah bow, enchanted lava buckets just DM me for prices!
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  8. IGN: MisterPlus
    Selling: Maxed Runaan's bow(/ah MisterPlus)
    Looking for: money
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  9. Joworx

    Joworx Member

    IGN: mypa
    Buying: E-String/E-Bones
    Giving: $$ / Ask
  10. IGN: Zurlaa
    Selling: coins + items
    Want: enchanted nether wart, enchanted raw chicken, enchanted cactus green, enchanted clay
    /friend me in game!
  11. Hey how much ench clay and how much u paying
  12. Can I apply to be a trade transfer guy?
  13. This thread is amazing, shout out to Chaosenium
  14. nani
  15. How much money are you giving per stack of estring?
  16. mmmm yummy
  17. What sort of items do you have if I had some enchanted clay?
  18. Pretty good
  19. IGN: Infiknight_YT
    Selling: Coins
    Want: Budget Hopper
  20. pqli

    pqli New Member

    Necromancy NECRO
    This thread has been very helpful, thanks Daisy!

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