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  2. cool!
  3. Cool! ;)
  4. Love how people dislike every comment on the first page accept for mafia city honestly grow up
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    I enjoy what you have done with the update, it helps balance things quite well and I've seen a new strategy the people are using to work with it better. My friend and I were wondering if you could maybe add a sand box mode for this game where you can just test out different strategies on defenses. And there could be an ai that you can turn off or on at any point(if that's possible) that would send mobs at you selected randomly, or you can pre-select mobs for it to send after a certain period of time, and maybe how many. This way players can try and test their defenses in order to find what works and what doesn't. This way players don't have to sit in an actual game panicking that the mobs are getting through. I'm not sure what you will think of it, but that's my idea for it, I'm sure you might be able to come up with something better. And if it's possible are you able to make it for parties as well, although i don't know how well that would work. Or well, I guess they would already be in a sandbox mode game together.

    Anyways another idea my friend and I had was if you made a game mode where there were some players sending monsters (although you could scrap the idea of players sending mobs for an ai, or pre-selected mobs), and some player would defend the center of the map. There would be 4 entrances, and the defense team might have a limited tower use of 60, or maybe keep it at 80 per player. And you could also make it so that the players can only send a certain amount of mobs, which will go in waves, and maybe if players don't purchase mobs to send, it would be automatically or randomly picked(avoiding death riders if the enemy team unlocked them) picked and they wouldn't get any income from it. Which when mobs are sent, it wouldn't just send them all through one gate, but it would spread them out through every gate, and over time, or like let's say by round 10 the max amount of mobs that are able to be sent is increased.
    (and if it doesn't necessarily work out, is it still possible to make something like this game but just as a 2 team game mode for tower wars)

    I feel like this is poorly explained, which I do apologize if it is, I'm running on very little sleep, but I hope that I at least was clear enough to maybe get some ideas flowing, and that you might actually consider doing something like these game modes. Which I feel like you could possibly make something really cool out of it. If not exactly like the way I described it, but with some better ideas for how it could be implemented.

    On a side note, is it possible that you are able to add in a exp system, from whether you send mobs and they die you get exp, and maybe you get twice or half, or some present of it when you kill mobs from defending. And you can use the exp to set down some traps. I'm not sure if it's the best idea, but who knows, it can either work for the better or for the worst. And if not added for the main game that you guys have now for it, you might be able to add it in into the 2 team game of mob lords and defenders.

    Whether one of our ideas was actually used to help develop a new game mode, or if you decide to go with something else, this game seems to have great potential in what ever direction it gets taken in. So we wish you the best of luck and for what ever you guys have in store for the community.

    P.S. are you able to add a setting to bed wars private games where when you die you can still keep your resources, including blocks maybe
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  6. sounds great!
  7. Nice! keep going with the good job!
  8. #108
  9. Great Idea, looking forward to play it soon or so! I hope the update is great, and fun!
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    Please remove Ban from me
  12. No
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  14. wow Nice!
  15. Awesome!
  16. One of the best games hypixel made
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    Didnt know you could get banned for being good at this lol ):
  18. How do you get more hearts?

    Im not understanding that part of the game
  19. neatoo

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