1. That's cool!
  2. I’m going to have to start ranking up now
  3. What's priest?
  4. Probably to cater to the tryhard players by giving them a false sense of progression.
  5. Thank you for updating this prototype minigame. xD
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  6. Sounds awesome :O
  7. now i can be an epic gamer and flex on them lower ranked players
  8. It has potencial keep doing your job @Likaos :)
  9. HYPE!
    I love towerwars and look forward to the changes
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  10. I've actually updated this post on another thread.

    And anyway your points are:

    Squid is good.
    My counter point is: After playing I have come to the conclusion that squid is op as hell

    Second claim:
    Sniper doesn't target things in the back
    My counter point is: Doesn't matter because everything is already dead. Snipers would previously fire 8000 bullets at one mob, but now they don't, and they also add more damage. This change was just a way to add a targetting system without coding a full one in.

    Third claim:
    Ghasts good
    Counter point: Nah man ghasts are still useless.
    If you need 10 GHASTS!? 10? to even bother tanking you already know it's useless. Rainbow sheep will run past a ghast in .02 seconds meaning hte ghast [still] tanks nothing]

    Fourth claim:
    I've never actually faced death riders so it's not an issue
    Counter point: Anyone who died before deathriders wasn't really a great player. Towers got buffed a ton and you will now never not have enough money to purchase towers. Added to the fact that the enderrman exploit I don't think has been patched yet the game's still broken.
  11. IzzyBunce

    IzzyBunce New Member

  12. Thank you Hypixel, very cool!
  13. JewChu

    JewChu New Member

    Grace GRACE
    Epic gamer moment.
  14. Tower Defense gets another update and it's only been out for like 2 weeks now? What the
  15. Love this update, thanks for your work on it.
  16. MarcosSegon

    MarcosSegon Active Member

    Don't you love when people disagree with your suggestion but it ends up getting added?
  17. MarcosSegon

    MarcosSegon Active Member

    Enderman tech when competitive players?

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