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    Add quests, please :c
    -Win one game of TW
    -play 3 games of TW
    -place 200 towers

    -place 2 000 towers

  3. This update is great!

    You finally fixed the Spider "Jokeys"!

    I don't really have many suggestions right now, this update covered almost everything I was thinking of.
    My only suggestion is to keep adding more content, flesh out the mobs' special abilities,
    add more maps, stuff like that.

    I did notice one problem though:

    If you have 4 stars and are rank 23, (for example,) and you earn 2 stars, you'd rank up to rank 22, with 0 stars.
    Basically, the stars don't overflow into the next rank, just thought I'd mention that.

    Anyway, off to play more Towerwars,
    keep up the good work!

    P.S.: Snipers counter squids.
  4. ok this is epic now
  5. Awesome!! Really cool changes and MM system, gonna grind for ranks :D
  6. How bout you actually read the patch notes and use your brain, and maybe play the game before having a knee-jerk reaction. Firstly, the squid disables multiple towers, while the spider jockey disables one. In fact you should be happy that the dev in charge of tower wars is incredibly responsive in how often he updates and balances the game.

    Seems like the sniper change makes it so it may have high dps against high hp monsters but it wont target any monsters at the end of the track as soon as they fall below 50% hp and target the full hp piggy bank in the front :thinking:.

    You also need to realize that since overall mob send strength increased with ghasts & squid ability there needs to be a counterbalance in tower defense strength, which is in the form of the tower buffs & addition of mob kill income. Ironically, the addition of income actually speeds up the game because everybody reaches say 100k income faster with an additional income source.

    The ghasts are perfectly fine and are infact a little too strong imo, and yes only having 50% more cost:hp ratio with a snails movement speed was a problem ON TOP of having no income. Now with the hp buff that ability it fits the tank niche more. You can use more than one ghast to tank btw. As it is now if you get 10 ghasts spread on the field they literally soak up everything so even rainbow sheep can pass vs a bunch of maxed magma. Also time your mob sends better if your ghast isn't tanking properly.

    None of my games since the update have gone to deathriders even with the implement of matchmaking, its mostly just been who can use the ghast better.
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  7. Maybe because a minigame out of hundreds on hypixel, on ONE minecraft server, only has one dev, while Blizzard has a literal company of people working on a ranking system.

    Also, what if this system is the best way to rank the game, should you simply not use it only because you are "copying" someone else and use a worse alternative instead?
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    SoupKidz KIDZ
    When I first joined this game I had not a single idea what it was. After reading forums I am in love with this. It reminds me old and classic games. So glad that they updated it honestly!
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  9. You got ranked system idea from Hearthstone, am I right? And I'm not saying that's bad. So now We just need a replacement for legendary rank with position number and ranked rewards.
  10. Sounds like a great update to me!
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    it is quite unfun to just place towers and send monsters to others, Zombies being a more strategic game its diying because you admins dont care.
  12. Nice update!
  13. Is death rider ever gonna get nerged? Way to op in my opinion.
  14. Pretty good!
  15. I'm liking that more mobs are getting special abilities because those are what actually give the mobs variety besides health and speed. Ghasts are now more boss-like with high HP to compensate for its slow speed. The tower price reductions are nice to help with the early game. Overall, I'm liking the changes!

    Except, I'm not the biggest fan of any sort of ranked system. Though, as long as there aren't going to be exclusive rewards for high ranks, then I can live with with pure cosmetic rank system. Sure it's for matchmaking, but I'm predicting that games will still be relatively the same in terms of the skill gap.

    We'll see how this goes though. Towerwars is already one of my new favorite games on Hypixel! I'm hoping a non combat PvP game will be successful enough!
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    Cool! Though there are some typos:
    "And has NO stars limit"
    "Income to evolve INTO death rider"
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  17. Why were ranks added?

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