1. Already? Awesome.
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  2. why am i a silverfish when im on the leaderboard i cri
  3. I don't see the point in this. Your just making the game drag on even longer. Snipers dealing double damage to mobs above 50% hp? Seems like your making the game only winnable by death rider spam now [I'm reading this piece by piece so I may miss something]
    Previously you could win with things such as Running golems but with this? Doesn't seem like it.

    Somehow I feel like you don't understand how the game works.
    The reason why Ghasts were stupid as hell wasn't because they weren't tanky, it was because they moved at -50 mph.
    If you sent a ghast and mobs the mobs would end up running IN FRONT of the ghast, meaning the ghast would shield absolutely nothing.


    Note the 5 mobs in front, while the ghasts are far behind.

    This fixed nothing about the Ghast. A real way to make ghast not suck would be to make it faster.

    Gaurdian seems to be a weaker spider jockey, which is fine I guess, but outright disabling a tower vs 33% chance to miss?
    I prefer outright disabling.

    This... wh.... Why.

    Why would you change it so killing a monster increases your income by 2%
    Thats... absurd. You made towers cheaper, eco much easier to get, your literally making the endgame worse than it already is by buffing towers and eco so that ONLY death riders can win the game.

    This is a mixed update for me. It attempted to fix everything but it pretty much didn't fix anything.
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  4. absolutely love this update except for 1 thing.... WTF GHASTS GOT A 300% HEALTH INCREASE WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!
  5. about that....if you could "micro" really fast couldn't you just be unkillable if you did it with an enderman?
  6. wait til' you see pit XD
  7. Im active on the Pit forums. I've seen pit :(
  8. Eggcellent update
  9. Frostpaw

    Frostpaw Active Member


    Death Rider is the last available rank and has no stars limit!

    Sorry Lika, had to point that out.
  10. Twixt

    Twixt Well-Known Member

    Nice! This game has potential!
  11. TimothyIsBawss

    TimothyIsBawss Well-Known Member

    Poor pit, has decent number of players but not updated anymore :(
  12. Nice! This game looks nice. :)
  13. Nice! I can’t wait to check this out.
  14. btw
    I just tested this, it works.
    You can only do it in small clumps though, I'm simply not fast enough to spam it out
  15. Tower Wars Ranked System: 28 ranks named after monsters, descending from 28 to 1, with 5 stars per rank. You can't lose stars for the first 5 ranks, and once you reach rank 10, you earn less stars per win. The highest possible rank has no cap on stars.

    Hearthstone Ranked System: 25 ranks named after minions, descending from 25 to 1 (and Legend after), with 5 stars per rank. You can't lose stars below rank 20, and once you reach rank 5, you no longer earn win streak stars. Above rank 1 there is Legend, where you are directly ranked with others in your region.

    Why does every aspect of Tower Wars have to be a close copy of another game?
  16. When I used to play bloon td battles you could do it, except it was a lot easier, people could micro in milliseconds
  17. whoah.. now this is epic
  18. AhMing

    AhMing Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    New maps next please!!!
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  19. This game is really fun! I hope you wipe everyone’s stats when it is released though to make it fair for everyone to have a chance at the leaderboards.
    I really like the addition of income from killing monsters.
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  20. very nice but why squid?

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