1. Thanks for the patch! Loving the gamemode :D
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  2. I don't know about you, but "You joined the GREEN" sound kinda cool to me. We are the effing Greens, boy.
  3. Eventually I think that map specific monsters and towers would also be fun, like blazes on a nether themed map etc.
  4. I thought that was deliberate.
  5. endermites got nerfed? really. they did not need that, they were so weak in the first place.
  6. Endermite rights matter :(
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  7. Thanks for the update!
  8. Ok before I begin why should you read this block of text and take it seriously? Well I main solo so all these points are made with that mode in mind. I'm #60 in solo wins as of typing and #20 in solo life's taken. So I think it's safe to say I have experience with the game. Now with that ober, here's my rant

    Anything that wasn't completely UI related was completely not needed as an update, other then the slime tower. And here why.

    Endermites were completely fair for everyone! It wasn't "omg these are op as fuck!" It was simply put. 85% of the player base doesn't know how to defeat them.

    This game is pure strategy and even skill to an extent so nerfing something because of a massive outcry of under developed players is just stupid. The games only 4-7 days old! (To lazy to check) people of course are going to complain about something that's repeatedly kicking their ass! Now this post will find across to most as "omg you just want easy wins with endermites!!" But no. It eas genuinely balanced the way it was.

    Ok now I wanna quickly address the slime nerf n buffs. Personally I felt these were needed including the nerf. The sticky tower is by far superior to the big slime and I don't recall a game ever where I've seen someone use big slime that wasn't me messing with friends. Tbh buffing the big slime with more damage would make him more viable compared to its counter part because the main reason sticky is used is because of the power it has it practically stops things in its tracks allowing your other towers to Goto town on the mobs. So the nerf is highly welcomed I think.

    So thank you for taking the time to read this monstrosity of a piece. I hope this helps the game progress slightly and I'll be making a massive suggestions thread with @nonbook later with more improvements and suggestions for add-ons to my new favourite game on the server! Thanks for reading
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  9. I agree
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  10. Likaos

    Likaos Administrator

    The game may change a lot during the next weeks.

    I plan to release an update for the next week, we need to add more strategies in this game, now you all played the game for a week, we can start to add more elements :).

    To give you an answer about the slime change, it's a global reflexion around the tower cost and the strategy:

    The slime slow was too low and unused.
    The big sticky slime was initially a single target tower, I added the splash radius but the result is a very OP tower.

    The actual skeleton tower spam should not be the only viable strategy, that's why the next patch should include tower price cost changes, to help you to play in different ways, try early upgrade and maze too.

    For the endermite, I agree they are fun, but the random range of teleport was not fair for everyone, the new teleport on hit system is the same, except it's the teleport distance is not random anymore.

    Some monsters will have a new ability, the final goal here is to give you various towers AND monsters to plan your own waves and strategies to defeat your opponent, spamming summon and counting only on your income is not what we want.

    So yeah, the game is young and it's only the beginning of the path, all monsters will have to be unique at the end, new towers will need to be added to increase your possibilities.

    So don't worry, you will get more in the next weeks and we'll discuss about it, that's why PTL lobby exist.
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  11. What do you think of the idea of adding a winstreak leaderboard?:rolleyes:
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  12. Ok thank you for starters for replying! Great to see you taking the time to read the threads later posts. Now I'm gonna break it down and give some replies to your points

    This is very true and I'm glad that you reverted the tower to a single block splash :3 great call

    Ummm not to sound rude... But do you play any long lasting games? Or even mid to late games? Skeleton soam is NOT the viable strategy in tower wars rn. Its more a use off all towers but witches and enderman. Yes witches are used but minorly and are only used in quantitys of 4-8. The rest is just magmas, slimes, and skeles.

    I never found the random teleporting an issue. If you know how to play, endermites should never be a problem and even still you can tank a few lives. The endermites were fine and we're only changed because 85% of the player base outcries they were nerfed. Even now still ppl still complain saying "nerf their hp!!!" People just need to learn to defend them. Simple

    This is great to hear. Me and @nonbook will be making a mega suggestions thread later and a few have already been made and some of the communitys ideas were really good like a tower that just multiplies the gold from mobs you kill based on its level!! So I urge you to take the community into account when you add these mobs and towers. We would love to see additions from the amazing community!

    Thanks for reading my reply! Hope this helps ;)
  13. As much as I agree with this, and as annoyed as I get at people saying 'ermagerd nerf Endermite pls', it's features like Endermites which kill playerbases.

    People would rather have the satisfaction of killing all monsters with any strategy than find one that actually works, and this isn't helped by the counter-intuitive method of defeating them. When they see that their massive rows of Archers aren't so much as taking out half the monsters' health and they end up losing all their lives, they just get :angery: and leave.
    If they play 10 games like that, people just get frustrated and go on the forums to whine to the devs. After another 10 games of losing to Endermite spam (without even having the time to figure out how to send the monsters themselves), they just leave the game and never look back.
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  14. I'm loving every aspect of this update,
    definitely taking steps in the right direction with these changes, and I'm excited to see more updates for this mini-game.

    But I do have a couple suggestions for the future:

    1. Maybe some sort of simple tutorial, or tips on how to play the game,
    as I have noticed how a lot of people don't know how to play,
    and might not have the patience to learn by trying it a few times.

    This is the main issue with Endermites, people don't know how to deal with them,
    and can get flooded by them as early as 5 minutes in and not know what to do.

    Because as the game plays currently, offense is more important than defense.​

    2. Adding some sort of tip after you run out of lives that tells you how to deal with what troubled you the most.
    For example, if 17 of your 20 lives were stolen by Endermites:
    "Try to have less low damage towers, as Endermites teleport every time they are hit, and will reach the end of your lane faster."

    This could help players, who don't know the game very well yet, understand how they could prevent themselves from losing the same way again.​

    3. Currently, offense matters more than defense, which is a little silly in a tower defense game.
    But I have a few ideas on how to help with that.

    Adding a mode where all of the mobs that you send, also get sent to your own lane,
    increasing the importance of defense.

    However, I can see how there could be problems with that system,
    as two people with the same defense and same lives would never win or lose.

    Another idea is adding a mode that is just the classic tower defense mode,
    where you don't send mobs, and they just come automatically, either in waves or not.
    With either everyone in their own lanes, or everyone in one lane.

    However, it is called Tower Wars, so a focus on offense is fine.​

    4. Another idea I had for a mode was: Two teams, one team sends mobs, the other builds towers to defend against them.
    The attacking team wins if the defending team runs out of lives, and the defending team wins if the time runs out.​

    5. Some kind of quick build would be useful as well, maybe level 1 towers can be built from the hotbar.​

    That's all for now, it's a great update for a great game, keep doing what you're doing, Hypixel. ;)

    P.S.: Fast Cats are faster than guardians, and have the same health, price, and income,
    meaning that guardians need to have higher: health, speed, income, or have a special ability.​

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