Is this a good idea?

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  3. IDK

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  1. think about it, 1 game only in 1.13, unlike other games there is no direct PVP and how do you hack/cheat in TowerWars? so Badlion wont matter that much, on the other hand get so many new towers & mobs (shulkers, pillagers, strays, pandas and other cool stuff)

    In conclusion I want to know if this is possible & your thoughts (also btw please don't kill me)

    EDIT: Yeah I'm realizing how dumb this post is... gg me
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  2. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    no lmfao
    you shouldnt be forced to play a potato version because of a game.
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  3. no 1.13 sucks
  4. it would suck having to relog minecraft everytime I wanted to play it
  5. If anything, Build Battle would be the first to have that, and even still, 1.13 would be a mode rather than taking over the entire game.

    - Hole in the Wall
    - Build Battle
    - Hypixel Says
    - Zombies
    - TKR

    Imo, using mechanics and design similar to how companions work to create custom mobs and towers would be cooler that just using 1.13 mobs.

    It's possible to do it but there's no reason to.
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  6. Fortnite_Athlete

    Fortnite_Athlete Well-Known Member

    I see where you're coming from, but changing my version everytime to play it (which would be frequent as it's fun imo.) would be annoying.
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  7. Yes


    Not in 100 years
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  8. If you want these extra mobs then make a 1.13 Tower Defense PvP map yourself.
  9. I'm pretty sure although you could login in 1.13, Hypixel is rooted in 1.8.9
  10. He wants TowerWars to only be accessible to 1.13 players, so that Hypixel can use the extra mobs.

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