should endermites in TowerWars be nerfed?

  1. yes

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  2. yes, but with a couple of changes (explain)

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  3. no (explain why)

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  1. we need to nerf endermites in tower wars. Endermites eventually become faster than the blink of an eye, making it unfair. Lots of people already noticed this, but it was not yet fixed. we should make endermites slower, not too slow, but not too fast.

    If you think they should nerf endermites, say so via commenting or poll.
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  2. you're fine if you don't spam level 1 skeletons
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  3. Nerf the mites!!!!
  4. Lower HP
  5. I find that endermen solve the endermite problem quite well
  6. But endermen and other strong towers are pretty expensive in my opinion, and it takes time to get all that gold.
  7. Endermites are fine just get a row of magma cubes or level 3 skeletons
  8. ^

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