1. This is well and truly epic! :D
  2. The worst update LLL
  3. very good
  4. i wish the bedwars devs cared about their game as much as the towerwars devs do. Bedwars devs cant even think of weekly items to release.
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  5. DcxD

    DcxD New Member

    I really like this update, but i'm finding it very hard to defend mid-late game. any1 got good strats?
  6. Amazing update :)
  7. Tower Wars, a game I have come to love over the months. I love how diverse and fast paced the game was and it was a game I always had come back to. Firstly, I love the idea of the villagers which counteracts with the spiders, it's a simple yet useful tower. Also within this update I loved the new maps because it adds to the diversity of the game, especially with tower layouts, but there are many issues and things I dislike about the update.
    - Midway through a game I was playing doubles with a friend and we suddenly couldn't spawn any mobs, which ultimately ended up in our defeat.
    - The Teslas (creepers) were very buggy, hence beta game, but I found it very difficult and confusing on which towers to upgrade and when I did want to upgrade it kept saying to point it at a tower despite me looking at the block it was on. Teslas also seemed buggy to where they did no damage at certain points in the game.
    - Wild cats have become very overpowered and I lost many games to them even though I tried many different tower layouts. They dodged nearly every tower I put down and yes we do need diversity but when people mass send these it's impossible to defend against.
    - The monster stocks being shared was also frustrating because we couldn't get our income up in time and I believe this was implemented to slow the game down but in my opinion I love the fast pacedness of the game before.
    - The tower limit now 60 instead of 80 is something I'm also not very fond of. I would've understood this implement in the old version because you could do a tower defense of 50 and be golden the whole game but now it's just an unnecessary cap due to the difficulty of some mobs when mass spawned.
    Like I said before I do enjoy the new maps and there are good things about this update but I find my dislikes outweighing what I liked about the game by far. Although I think there were too many changes at once to catch up with such as income and all the above I hope this is helpful feedback and I look forward to new updates :)
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  8. rowy

    rowy Active Member

    cant wait to see the new skills!
  9. camm344

    camm344 New Member

    I like it!

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