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    These look like some really nice changes! :D
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    tower wars sucks lol
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  3. Cool, but could devs PLEASE update other PTL games? They're severely suffering from toxicity, balance issues, and exploits (The Pit) and lack of players (KOTH)
    Nice update though!
  4. Well the first two updates werent really updates, they were just patches that contained almost nothing, been waiting for more than a month for a actual update
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    it's been half a year or more .-.
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  6. so tower wars reached vo.4 before the pit did when the pit is a year old ADMINS EXPLAIN
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  7. I find it kind of funny that they took the guardian tower idea that people made and gave the abilities to a creeper lol.
    The villager one is pretty cool, and the creeper sounds like it will be hard to balance.
  8. where is pit update
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    Amazing update :)
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    thanks it does
  13. I love this!
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    Exciting stuff!
  15. someone tell me how to play this mode
  16. I'm glad to see that TowerWars has gotten an update!

    The new maps are great!
    They add the diversity that this game needed, meaning that you can no longer just use the same tower design every round.
    As for the maps themselves, Imperial made me a little nervous, seeing two paths,
    I was worried I'd have to make two defenses, but it was fine because they're so close to each other.

    As for Pretorium, it's really useful that the towers can target the path in front of them, and the path behind them.

    I really like the skills system, it adds another layer of strategy to the game.
    However, the Fireball skill better incinerate everything it hits for how less powerful it is in comparison to the Nuke ability.

    The Fireball skill does damage to a small area,
    but the Nuke skill does 50% of the enemies health in damage to all the enemies on your lane.
    Even though the Nuke skill does not work on bosses, the Fireball skill only hits a small area,
    and I find the Nuke skill useful for cleaning up Rainbow Sheep rushes for a few seconds.

    On another note, the Nuke skill is kind of hard to activate, (I'm not quite sure why though,)
    I usually have to rapidly left and right click until it activates.

    When I first saw this ability, I thought it was underpowered, but after I realized that it doesn't disappear,
    even if you place another one, I now realize that it is overpowered.
    Maybe adding a limit to the amount you can have at once would help.

    Also, I like the idea of adding offensive skills.

    Otherwise, that's it for now. (I haven't tried the OverCharge skill yet.)

    The Guardian Tower:

    I have not really used this tower that much,
    because the beam it fires is supposed to pierce through enemies,
    yet, the angle it fires at is too low, meaning that it can only pierce through a few enemies before hitting the ground.
    Also, I've noticed some gold and diamond blocks floating in the wrong places.​

    The Tesla Tower:
    This tower is kind of the new Magma tower, as it is very effective to just place 10 Tesla towers in a row.
    On another note, it needs a lot of changes to the visual aspect of it:
    1. With the level 1 version of the tower, it can be hard to tell where a Tesla tower is.
    2. The level 2 version of the tower spills into the blocks to the left and right of it.
    3. I've noticed a lot of problems with Creepers from the Tesla tower being misplaced,
    for example, seeing a creeper floating 5 blocks away from the Tesla tower, not attacking a mob.​

    The Villager Tower:
    This tower is a nice addition, however, I feel it would be more useful if it gave a speed boost on level 1 as well.​

    By the way, I have noticed that the stats don't work for the Guardian and Tesla towers.

    I really like all the changes that have been made to the monsters so far,
    so I only have two suggestions for the monsters system:
    1. I agree with what people have been saying about bosses, that their stock needs to be separate from the other monsters'
    stock. Maybe making 1 boss stock worth 3 monster stock would work, so that they could still be linked.
    2. Death Riders need to be better than alternatives, i.e. I was able to win against Death Riders by sending Mad Cows,
    because the Death Riders were making me lose lives, whereas I was stealing lives with the Mad Cows,
    I would have lost if it wasn't for that.​

    Also, on the day of the update, the tier 2 monster icons weren't glowing,
    it took me a moment to realize they were upgraded.

    The starting gold and max towers being reduced, I think is fine, mostly because the game is slower paced now.
    And the income gained from stealing lives, makes it easier to close the gap if you are behind in income,
    it also lets you know if you are behind in income or not, which is important to know.

    Seems to be working out well enough,
    however, to be able to do a better matchmaking system, TowerWars would need a much bigger playerbase.

    With this update, TowerWars has a much slower pace to it, which, in my opinion, is much better for a tower defense game,
    as most strategy games are better at a slower pace, meaning you can take more time to make decisions.

    Some people don't like the slower pace, but I'm fine with it, it's a lot better now than it was before.
    For an accurate representation of the pacing before, with everyone sending mobs at the same time, view this:

    That's it for now, keep up the good work! :D

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