1. :eek: finally.
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    Upadate The Pit NEXT ?
  3. Zekeplayzz

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    I love it. Too bad I can't win. What is the best way to win? As in do you ahve a good strategy I can use?
  4. AYYY New maps! Inferno Tower from COC, Ray of Doom Tower from Bloons TD Battles, and special abilities!

    Exactly what I asked for in one of my threads :)
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  5. hype!!
  6. HYPE !, Thanks Likaos <3
  7. Hype!! Very good update, I'm excited :D
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    Neverland LANDER
    Hyped, this looks terrific!
  9. Cheaper mobs generally generate more income per gold spent than more expensive ones.
    Early game income is extremely important
    Spread out your towers instead of grouping them together
    Make sure towers are placed for maximum effectiveness (avoid walls, focus slow towers on bends, aoe on straight aways etc.)
    Summon mobs in diverse groups to maximize effectiveness for big rushes
    Save a few enderman towers near the exit just in case
    Use debuff towers on high traffic areas
    Double up on towers if they have tower stun mobs
    Once you make it to mid game and your towers can kill most things with ease, fly over and see what works best against opponents setups. single out people and kill them off using only what they can't defend against. This will give you a boost of life for late game.
    Don't lose health, see what makes it through your defense (hitting the enderman) and build against that.
    Late game it's just income wars, spend money on income boosting stuff over damaging stuff (because they make less money for killing it that way) and spam death riders.

    That should help a bit/
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  10. I was talking for some updates you could add on an update with my friend and you literally added everything that we were planning...
  11. Prior to the update I would have had an amazing strat for you but now that they messed the game up, I can't help, so if anybody helps you, give me some tips pls.
  12. An actual genuinly good update it seems for Towerwars.
    Thanks for keeping up with the game so far!
    I had my doubts but it seems to be going alright so far
  13. I lost my first 3 games in a row and I'm 6th in solo...
    I'm very happy about this. Anything that adds more strategy into the game I'm all for tbh. This forces you to spread out what you send in the sense of rushes instead of saving 2.5m then rushing with everything
  14. Nice update!
  15. Omg capitalize the title it’s bugging me
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