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    Hello everyone!

    With this update we are bringing improvements, balance changes and more content to TowerWars!

    Read further for more details.


    We are introducing 2 new maps to the game to change up your playstyle a bit:

    The first map is Imperial, which has two entrances as well as two exits. At some place on the map, the path will split into two, so you will have to keep that in mind when placing your towers and sending your monsters.


    The second map is Pretorium. This is a spiral-shaped map, where plots are only 1 block large to place the towers. On this map, you will have to take advantage of the layout to have the most efficient towers and combinations to be able to defeat the monsters.


    To further improve gameplay, we introduced a new mechanic to the game, called Skills. These are special abilities you can use to interact with your plot. You can only select one skill per game (1 for each player in team mode) and each skill has its own cooldown.

    (Example of the freeze skill)

    You can change your selected skill before the game starts or from the game menu in the PTL lobby. If you don't select any skill, the default one will be "Fireball".


    Available Skills:

    Fireball: Shoot a fireball that will create an explosion on impact and deals damage to the nearby monsters.
    Freeze: Freeze all the monsters in your plot for 5 secs. Monsters are unable to move or act but can still be damaged by your towers.
    Nuke: Deal damage equivalent to 50% of the max HP to all monsters in your plot.
    Cosmic Anomaly: Creates a portal on the ground, teleporting up to 5 monsters that step into it on all other plots before vanishing from your own.
    OverCharge: Double damage and attack speed of the selected tower for 15 seconds.

    We are also introducing 3 new towers to the game:

    This tower shoots a piercing laser onto the target, dealing damage to all monsters in a line. It's a deadly tower that is very useful in some longer parts of the map.

    The last update of this tower gives it mind control, making monsters walk back, or special ability removal on monsters.


    This tower focuses its power on the same monster in its range and deals more damage, the longer it stays on the same target. The towers range is very big and the damage can reach quite high numbers.

    The last update of this tower gives it a powerful slow or allows it to deal the maximum damage even while changing the target.


    The Villager is a support tower that will protect nearby towers from being affected by monsters and also boosts their attack speed if upgraded.


    Targetting system:
    > Sniper shots are now instant, there's no more projectile trail.
    > A Tower will no longer shoot on a target, if the monster will be dead by the time it shoots.

    - The monster powercreep system giving +13% HP each 2"30 minutes as well as its announcement (red message "Monsters are getting stronger") has been removed.
    - Monster stocks are now shared. You will have to choose between sending efficient monsters or building your economy. The maximum stock is 30, which will allow for more variety in strategies.
    The re-stock speed is increased over time as well as with each team elimination from the game.


    New System: Evolution by income
    - Tier 2 monster will continue to evolve based on your income. Each time a monster evolves he gets a star in his name (Like Endermite, Endermite 1 star, Endermite 2 star etc..).
    Each evolution adds more stats to the monster and changes its cost/income, making a lot of monsters now more viable during the late game!


    New System: Evolution by summoning
    In addition to the evolution by income, the monsters you summon will gain stats the more you summon them. These stats are different for each monster, for example:
    - Summoning Rainbow Sheep will increase their speed;
    - Summoning Diamond Zombie will increase their health;
    - Summoning Squid will increase the power of their blind effect and increase the chance to miss from the affected towers;
    - Summoning High Priest will boost their healing power;
    - Summoning Spider Jockey will reduce their cooldown on sending web on towers.

    This evolution is capped to a maximum of 300 summons per monster.


    Monsters update and balancing:

    - A lot of monsters have been given more HP.
    - Some monsters also got new abilities:
    • Zombie splits into baby zombies on death.
    • Wolf has a 33% chances of dodging areas of effects.
    • Leather Zombie absorbs 25% damage from nearby monsters.
    • Rabbit has a 50% chances of dodging areas of effects.
    • Wild cat has a 100% chances of dodging areas of effects.
    • Creeper explodes on death and stuns the nearby towers.
    • Gold Zombie absorbs 60% damage from nearby monsters.
    • Diamond Zombie absorbs 80% damage from nearby monsters.
    • Wild Horse reduces slow effects by 50%.
    • Charged Creeper explodes on death and stuns nearby towers (in a larger radius).
    • Death Rider removes 1 extra life from the player when reaching the end of the path. This extra life is not stolen, so the player will lose 2 lives but you will only gain 1 life.
    Quality of Life

    - You can now show a tower radius with a button in the tower menu.
    - You can now replace a tower with another, the button is in the tower menu. It will sell the old one in order to buy the new one.
    - You can now right-click on a tower in the building menu to create a shortcut in your inventory to place it faster!
    - You can now right-click on a monster to enable auto-summon, this will summon 1 unit of this type every second if you can afford it, this auto mode is disabled every time a monster evolves.

    Game changes
    - The starting gold in Solo was reduced from 100 to 75.
    - Prices/income/costs are now the same in solo and team mode.
    - Maximum amount of towers is reduced from 80 to 60.
    - Life stealing will give you 10% of the income difference between you and the stolen plot. This only works if your income is lower than your target and the difference between your income and the other plot is more than 10%.
    Player A has an income of 10 000
    Player B has an income of 8 000

    Player A steals life of player B -> nothing will happen, because player A has a higher income than B.
    Player B steals life of player A > player B gains 10% of 2 000 income, because he has a lower income than A and the difference is more than 10%.​

    Match Making
    The matchmaking system is being introduced to help new and veteran players alike. We are splitting the queues between silverfish players and all the others to avoid endless waiting times in the queue. We tested several systems for weeks now and this seems to be the best so far. We might consider another system if we want a more elaborated ranked system, but as of today, our priority is that everyone can play and enjoy the game with a reasonable waiting time.

    Thank you to everyone in the Player Council who helped us with this update.

    We very much hope you will enjoy these changes and additions to the game!
    Please give us your feedback!
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  2. Hype!! Thanks for the update! :)
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  3. I don't see any balloons.
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    Hype! I'll be sure to check it out
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    good lad likaos bringing the good lad update
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    Cool new features! Thanks :)
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    Yea sure this works too
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  13. Towerwars was recently added and it's at 0.4 already?

    hmm I think i hear crying from a Corner... sounds familiar
    Oh it's just The pit crying again lol
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  16. Good stuff, this might just be my new favorite minigame!
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  17. The spiral map confuses me, but besides that I love the update!
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  18. Thank you!
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  19. Nice maps :)
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    IfOnly I
    Huh. Hype

    (I’m not on my phone so I don’t have the hype train gif)
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