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    Very quick update on the matchmaking system, we made a couple changes:

    • Ranking up will always give you at least 1 star now. So players only need 5 stars to rank up, instead of 6.
      Due to this change, everyone will rank-up!

    • The matchmaking system will update much faster, high rank players will find opponents much faster. It lowers a bit the quality of the matchmaking but we will test and see how it feels. In general good players should still play against good players most of the time.

    GamePlay and Quality of Life
    • Reduced and changed a lot of particles effects.
    • You can now sell towers for their full price during 10 seconds after playing them, instead of 5 seconds. However you can only do it twice per game, to prevent exploits!
    • Changed the "powercreep" system. This system increases the health of the monsters each time you see the message "Monsters are getting stronger".

      The system was initially triggering every 5 minutes, and increasing health by 25% each time.

      Now the system is triggered every 2 minutes and 30 seconds or when a player or a team dies, but the health buff is reduced.
    Thanks for reading and please give us your feedback!
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  2. nice update ;)
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  4. Thanks, nice update !
  5. Awesome, thanks for the update!
  6. Woo, now maybe I won't fall apart due to fps drops :D
  7. Glad to see this game getting more updates! :D

    However, a better system for stopping the Enderman exploit,
    would be removing the full refund for an Enderman that has teleported a mob back.
    Because 2 times a game, isn't enough if you're trying to place towers lightning fast,
    as it can be quite easy to misclick, and buy a different tower.

    Also, I feel like Ghasts are more useful than Death Riders, as Death Riders can reach the enemy's goal with ease,
    but Ghasts can lead hordes of mobs to an enemy's goal, draining all of their lives.

    P.S.: The income gained from killing mobs is really great! It makes comebacks possible,
    as you can still gain income, even if you can't send mobs.
    I was able to win a game after having only 5 lives left, because of the income gained from killing mobs.
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  8. Thanks for the patch! This will hopefully help a lot of players who are experiencing lag in the game to be able to play it better.
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  9. Health buff is now 12.5% instead of 25%, effectively the same amount every 5 minutes assuming no teams are eliminated. That's going to be a lot in the late game!
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  10. This ranking system is causing some unforeseen problems that need to be fixed. At first when I moved up a couple ranks, I was like, "Oh I get to be a zombie? This is fun", but now that I'm a level 2 it's a big pain. For one, last night it took 10-15 minutes for duo games to start. I'm not even exaggerating. Even if the matchmaking system is fixed so you don't have to wait that long, players come into a game, hit tab, and are like, "Nope, I'm not playing a level 2!" and leave. Someone literally told me that.

    Another reason I'm not a fan of the ranking system rn is that knowing someone else's rank changes the way that you play. If you don't know someone's rank, you have more guess work on how to do your offense and defense. Random difficulty against random players is, to me, the hardest level of difficulty because you don't know what to expect going into it. You have to be ready for anything. All the games I played last night against similar ranked players had the same kind of feel.

    I disagree. And this is not because I want a bunch of ez games against uh, "non-good" players. Just like with BWS it's just more fun to play against a variety of players, whether you have the upper hand or don't.

    At this point I wouldn't mind if the ranking system was completely eliminated. But these things def need to be fixed. For one, I don't think you should see your opponents' rank until the game is over. But more importantly than rank, I would love TWS to have stats, particularly win/loss rate and win streak. I love me some stats.

    Oh and while I'm here, there are two other little things that need to be fixed: (1) For most of the monsters the icon changes when they upgrade to stronger monsters, other than for the spider jockey and charged creepers (only a little bit of a glow is added). Fix please because if I don't see the message that I unlocked spider jockeys I waste a bunch of money sending one spider jockey by clicking the web thinking it's still the cheaper spider instead of being able to send multiple of other monsters. Maybe the spider jockey icon can be the carrot on the stick. (2) For some reason sometimes it's hard to walk backwards on the grass and green clay blocks. I like to stand on the green islands and walk backwards placing towers as I go. But sometimes I can't walk backwards, and other times I can but s.u.p.e.r. slowly. And sometimes I don't get my towers placed in time due to this bug.

    Thanks for listening and FIX PLS!
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  11. The matchmaking system was being modified last night, and there were a few versions/modifications since then. Now, matchmaking shouldn't be taking TOO long, although still expect a 2-3 minute wait for high level players. Can you try again today (especially high level duos), and tell me if things are ok? Matchmaking may be modified again today, but it will not make your waiting times worse, so your experience today will likely be the timeframe we settle upon.
  12. TYSM for already changing the icons for me, its a big help when in a furious battle and I have to turn on "spam all the things" mode. :D

    Still not a fan of the ranking system, esp the part where you see ranks before the game even starts, but if the wait times are 2 min or less it will be easier to accept. I'll play today and get back to you about how wait times are.
  13. The ranks before game start are removed (some games may not update until later/next week). Mainly interested if new wait times feel acceptable at high duo rankings. Thanks!
  14. Yes, I really like that no one sees ranks until the game starts, big thx for that. There were less people leaving after hitting tab so it sped the waiting time up considerably which was great. Today queuing with someone a level 10 took 3-4 min each time while queuing with a level 20-something was 1 and a half to 2 and a half min. It'd be nice if it was more like like 2 minutes max, no matter your rank.
  15. ey new update
  16. @Zincamania here's some more info about the matchmaking system. Hope you like data cause I have a big list of numbers for ya. I was playing over the weekend, most of the time when I was playing there were between 297-326 ppl playing duos. Most of these games I had a teammate who was a rank 9 or higher, 3 of these are with a teammate who was a rank 20-something. Here is a list of my wait times for the weekend, in order of shortest wait to longest, written in minutes:seconds.


    So yeah, you can see why I still have an issue with the matchmaking system, waiting around more than 4 minutes for a game that can be over in less than 5 minutes is a tad ridiculous. My main duos partner said that the wait times are making him lose enthusiasm for playing towers.

    Another thing is that most of these games were against players that were rank 20-somethings. So the system made us wait around hoping to match us with a higher rank then just filled in with whoever joined. So it might have well have been against random skill levels (like before the matchmaking system was introduced) since the end results were the same, the only thing that is different from before is the much longer wait times. With the one exception of the matchmaking system keeps pairing me against StevenR8 and whomever his teammate is at the time because he's also a rank 1. TBH we're kinda tired of playing against each other cause we know each other's play style by now (no offense to StevenR8 cause he's a great player btw). Its just that the matchmaking system is starting to feel like that pushy friend or aunt or whatever that keeps trying to put you in the same room with someone they want to marry you off to and its just awkward and clumsy and you're like "but we have no chemistry" but they won't stop and you wish they would just stay out of your social life so you go out of your way to avoid them but its of no use. Yeah the matchmaking system is feeling like that rn and it's making me cool my friendship with tws and that kinda hurts cause I love tws.
  17. noice. smort.
  18. Oooooo I found where the tws stats are. D'oh I must've been blind to not see them before. The only stats that are missing for me are most lives stolen, longest game, and shortest game.

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