1. So I've played a few games of tower wars and found it a pretty interesting game. I know this game is still in its early stages and needs balancing, and the ease of player interaction is not of prime concern to the staff, but I do feel that gameplay could be improved if there were some changes and expansion to the way players interact with the game.

    So far in Tower Wars there are 3 items in the players inventory which can be used to interact with the game. One for summoning mobs, one for placing towers, and one for upgrading towers. While these all work and do accomplish their purpose, there were some issues with gameplay which I discovered while playing, and solutions to said issues which I thought of, both of which I will outline below.

    - Misplacing towers
    I'm sure we have all done this at some point while playing this game. It's a minor nuisance in late game where the cost of the tower is insignificant compared to the income, but in early game, misplacing a tower and selling it can be quite a costly mistake. I propose that either a construction time could be added to a placed tower, where construction could be canceled without any costs during that period, or a short duration after placing a tower where the tower can be right clicked to be removed, again free of any costs.

    - Difficulty of planning defence with a teammate
    Bad teammates exist in any game, and tower wars teams are full of them if you aren't in a party, and sometimes even when you are in a party. It is frustratingly difficult to indicate whether verbally or through text to a teammate where to place towers, and I feel that it would improve gameplay experience if dummy armor stands with the same name as towers could be placed instead of towers, whether to plan the location of towers to be built later, or as communication with teammates.

    - Upgrading and building towers
    The upgrading exp bottle is very useful, but it is still frustrating, for example, to upgrade an entire row of level 3 archers to machine guns or snipers, or to place an entire row of archers. I propose a "Mass Upgrade" or "Mass Placement" item, which I imagine as being akin to the worldedit axe tool, where left-clicking and right-clicking on a range of blocks brings up an interface to place 1 type of tower on all valid tiles, or to upgrade all towers within the selection to a certain tower in a single click.

    - Visuals
    TowerWars is a strategy based game, and I feel that it would be better if there existed viewing options which could be controlled from the hotbar, such as the displaying range of all towers, which types of mobs last stole hp from you, and which mobs succeeded in stealing hp from your opponents. These would definitely help players in making decisions in-game.

    If you're still reading, thanks, and please tell me what you think about the interface and player interactions of Tower Wars.
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  2. I like the idea of placing dummy towers as a "plan" to communicate with teammates.

    Really like the note about displaying tower range, and I would add something like seeing which mobs are under the effect of something like the witch debuff.

    Since the mobs hitting you and your opponents do show up in chat, I don't think it would be too hard to remember what happened, not to mention its pretty much always the strongest mobs you sent that did it (unless a mob has a special ability).

    Also have yet to see a good justification of a multi-upgrade or all-upgrade feature. Upgrades are instant on click, so in the time it would take to select an area you could have just done the upgrades, and an all-upgrade is probably the result in a lapse of proper play (not spending enough).
  3. Likaos

    Likaos Administrator

    I'll add a 5 sec window to sell a tower you placed in the next patch.

    I like the dummy tower idea, how do you see that? Right-click in the menu to place it, a new item?
    Minecraft Hotbar is limited to 8 slots, we really have to think about it for the next tools.

    Planned, adding a menu in the skeleton tower to upgrade all skeleton, plus adding a massive upgrade item to upgrade everything or a specific tower.

    Adding the option to display tower radius is a cool thing.
    For the last part, you already have the name of the monster that steal a life in your chat.

    For SurjectiveInjection,

    You have particles to help you to see debuff, for the witch debuff it's purple particle, for the burn effect, it's the burn effect, slow give you slime particle, but I'll change it later for something more visual, the stun will have a text and enchant particles too.

    Next update soon ;)
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  4. I think what has happened here is that many of my particles are still off from where I copied settings over from my old computer. Thanks for filling me in, I'll be sure to fix it.

    Of course you probably don't have to worry too much about the visuals for slow/stun, their visual cue is kind of the mobs movement, or lack thereof :p
  5. Please add a PVE mode (Were endless mode could be interesting)! I can give you suggestions on how people could save and rejoin their saves
  6. Wow, I didn't actually expect any staff to notice this thread so quickly, if at all.

    On the matter of the hotbar slots and tools, I didn't envision the tools taking up unused hotbar slots. For the upgrading tool I either imagined the exp bottle having world-edit selection like mechanics, or an item within the menu opened when clicking on a tower. As to the dummy tower idea, I imagined an item which was in the corner of the tower placement menu which would toggle between free placement of dummy towers or purchasing of actual towers.
  7. And how would the ranges be displayed?
  8. Ground block visuals, particles, virtual entities... im sure we can work something out.
  9. Keyword:
  10. Wat.
  11. Let's say you have 80 snipers.
    The entire floor would be the same block.
    Either of these would reduce a supercomputer with 10 qubits to 3 seconds per frame.
  12. 9*
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  13. I imagined layers of stained glass which are color coded to each tower, eg yellow for machinegun, black for sniper etc, where each tower had a layer of glass assigned to a different y coordinate, but I guess that could get a bit messy too, so maybe view range of selected type of towers?
  14. Selected type of towers would still be very messy if you had 80 snipers.

    If you could only see the range of 1 selected tower at a time that'd be fine.
  15. I'd really like to see the ability to have "quickplace" items in your inventory, to save you opening the tower menu every time if you want to build a lot of 1 tower (I often have this issue early game, resulting in my saving up a lot of gold unintentionally as I try to build a lot for 1 tower type). Perhaps if you "right click" a certain tower (and teir) it adds it to your inventory where you can instantly place that specific tower.
  16. You have 80 snipers. Their range is the entire field, the entire field is the same block. Sounds like it's working to me :p

    Yes i see the problem, but there's ways to work this out.
  17. Idk if I read this wrong but I assume your talking about being able to see the range of a tower

    Maybe there could be a new item and if you click a tower with it, there will be particles in like a circle shape
  18. Yeah this was the sort of thing I was thinking, but the issue others were bringing up was that if you wanted to display all ranges of a tower type at a time, this would get very messy. Not sure that that is a necessary feature, but \_o_/

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