1. Hey everyone I am going to be hosting a sg tournament with the reward being a blitz booster. (If you want something else of equal value from the Hypixel store that can be arranged). There are currently 23 slots open! There will be practice rounds on Saturday the 11th at 1pm EST and the tournament will be on Saturday the 18th at 1pm EST. Both the practice and the tournament should only last 1 hour. Join the discord link here for all of the information:
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  2. Seems cool, can't attend it though.
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  3. Put me on the list of people who are there if others can’t make it.
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  4. You are first on that list xD
  5. I am the list.
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  6. Yeahhhh, that's 6 in the morning for me I pass..
  7. IPlayForLs

    IPlayForLs Active Member

    Sure I'll join on Silence
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  8. Bakeryyy

    Bakeryyy Member

    I hope it goes poorly! :)
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  9. wapaam

    wapaam Active Member

    I want to play it
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  10. sign me in
  11. sign me in the loser bracket
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  12. Take me off, I don't want to be in a tournament with Cheatblops.
  13. nice one
  14. When you're so blatant that people leave the tournament because of you...
  15. k lol
  16. Assuming that's a yes? putting you on list xD
  17. Tournament isn't on Hypixel, on a private server, and there will be anticheat and spectators looking for hacks. Sorry if this was misleading, but was worried I might be banned for advertising, even with blitz booster prize. Any blatant hacks will be caught.
  18. I will put you in, but join the discord for important information regarding scoring and how it will operate.
  19. ill join IGN - GetRektTynan
  20. Dang 18th doesn’t work for me :( any other date?

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