1. Rajcha

    Rajcha New Member

    Yes I’ll add you on discord
  2. this is my first time using the forums

    Username: 1pq

    Timezone: PST

    Skills: grinding/pvp

    Communication: discord (can install TeamSpeak if needed)

    How Active: I do a lot of different stuff but I can play non stop for a while if needed

    How Long I've been playing SkyBlock: 2 months

    Discord name: Wm
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  3. _nurd

    _nurd Well-Known Member

    Quacking QUACK
  4. Why necro reeeeeeeee
  5. Username: Minsanity735

    Timezone: EST

    Skills(I Grind a lot, that's about it, Pretty bad at building, pretty funny guy sometimes, prolly the nicest guy you'll ever meet, honest,)

    Any type of communication (Discord) Minsanity#7238

    How Active: 2-7 Hours depending on when I work. I for some reason always wake up about 5 hours before my friends do so that's usually how long I play skyblock for.

    How long you've been playing Skyblock: 2 weeks or so, fell in love with it, played pretty much religiously for those 2 weeks. I'm up to full enchanted ender armor, maxed out AOTE, and at one point had about 1.5 mil until I spent it on mad super compactor 3000's so I can afk tons of enchanted pork chops.

    Side note: its like 4 Am rn and I'm mad tired, I prolly wrote things that imma regret later. (like what im writing now). Just got bored playing solo sky block.
  6. Username:NinjaExry
    Skills:Combat 20something I forgot, a lot of runecrafting, uhh, other stuff
    Communication:My phone, discord
    How Active:24/7 (I have no life)
    I've been playing back when the dinosaurs were been around
  7. Username: 3ct
    Timezone CEST
    Skills: Deutsch only!, Farme viel, habe viel zeit, Viel Erfahrung!
    How active: 5 Stunden unter der Woche, ansonsten ganze Wochenenden
    Ts, Dc
    Schreib mir! :)
  8. Blood_Boss_Arc

    Blood_Boss_Arc New Member

  9. Blood_Boss_Arc

    Blood_Boss_Arc New Member

    Do you still need a coop member if so hit me up Bubz#1928
  10. Can I form a co-op with you my discoed is
    Stupid Child Energy Only#2906
  11. IGN:Chieftonygaming
    Stupid Child Energy Only#2906
    Status:just started
    Time zone: PST
  12. I added you on discord
    Stupid Child Energy Only#2907
  13. TheBuilderOne

    TheBuilderOne New Member

    Username: NotBryxen

    Timezone: AEDT

    Skills(As in for skyblock, not your personal skills like Combat X or Fishing VI, sorry for the confusion):
    grinder &decent builder

    Any type of communication (Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, etc): Discord Brycen#5598

    How Active: basically all the time 24/7

    How long you've been playing Skyblock: Basically the start

    Gotten to dragon armour, bunch of stuff solo. wanting hard grinders and active players to experience co-op
    just add me on disc for it, wont check this much
  14. Username:Yodercraft


    Skills:I love grinding

    Any type of communication (Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, etc):Ts & Discord and Will download Any other to join

    How Active:When i am in a coop im pretty aktiv

    How long you've been playing Skyblock:Since befor the End update
  15. Scriptel

    Scriptel New Member

    Could I join Aswell? I'm decent at building and genereally good at Skyblock. My Discord is Scriptel#0036
    Hmu if you want me in
  16. Username:xX877Xx.


    Skills:grinder,active,good at building,fine with saving up tons of coins.

    type of comuunication:discord:xX877Xx#4276.

    How Active:3-6 hours a day unless i have exams.

    How long you've been playing Skyblock:roughly a month now
  17. No
  18. _nurd

    _nurd Well-Known Member

    Quacking QUACK
  19. Username: Budteckuniverse

    Timezone: GMT

    Skills: Good builder, don't mind grinding, can afk 24/7

    Any type of communication: Discord (add me budteckuniverse#6515)

    How Active: Can be active whenever usually at night

    How long you've been playing Skyblock: Idk but long enough (hardened diamond and hurricane bow etc, bow from ah tho)
  20. are you still looking for a coop if u are add me on dscord xX877Xx#4276

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